March 12, 2019

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  • Campbell and Graham were both awake this morning. Campbell was already working on her school work as my alarm was ringing. I then made sure that everyone was awake, and we moved to my bedroom to do our morning reading.
  • After we read, everyone had one school thing to do. I guess Anderson and Graham were not expecting for me to pick the hardest school thing, but of course I did. They both had writing and both were overwhelmed. I tried to stay calm, but Graham seemed like he didn't want to do any work and Anderson decided he didn't understand and would barely try. I helped both of them and they did finally finish in time to work on their chores.
  • Meanwhile, Campbell was being a sweet sister and was helping make the boys beds while they were still finishing their school work. Everyone was finished, and the house was straight when our homeschool buddies started arriving.
  • I was a bit bummed this morning when I saw that it was still raining. I really wanted for the kids to be able to play outside much of the day. It did however stop so they were able to play out which made things nice. When Whitman was playing out, he found himself some mud puddles to jump in and was wet and muddy when he came back inside. I actually just carried him to the shower!
  • I had so much fun at our homeschool day today. Nitzia did it all-maybe that is why I enjoyed it so much! First, we sat everyone down and she talked all about the history of the pinata. Then she showed everyone how to make one. The kids divided themselves up and soon got to work. 
  • Don't be surprised, but Reagan did little on the making of her pinata. She would have died if she would have had to stick her hand in the glue like everyone else. She made sure that she helped with the newspaper instead of the glue. 
  • Anderson was just like Reagan and did not touch his pinata much at all. Whitman was so excited to be Graham's partner. After he heard that the glue would get on your clothes, he was quick to stand up and start backing out of the kitchen. While I was helping the others, he did play with the balloons in the living room. When I did clean my hands, I was able to get him to at least tear some newspapers.
  • I am thankful that Campbell and Keaton went right to work on their pinatas. It was no small task and they did really well. Once the pinatas were done, I hung them in my attic to dry. Hopefully, they will dry well. While I was hanging pinatas, the moms wrapped up the table cloths covering the floor and started to prepare for the tortilla making.
  • Nitza told everyone about corn tortillas and how to make them. Then she had dough and tortilla presses for the kids to make their own. Since there were lots and lots of hands, we made a batch to eat and let the kids just practice making theirs. 
  • Then we had our lunch-homemade corn tortillas, guacamole, salsa, pineapple, salsa, black beans, beef, chicken, sour cream, limes, lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, another type of cheese, and even cheese dip. The moms had brought all of the food and it was simply delicious. Maybe I was just hungry! But the kids did keep coming back for more food. 
  • I did make all of my kids except for Keaton try to corn tortillas. I do think that they mostly liked them. Obviously, they are not as good as a flour tortillas but when we smeared enough butter on them, everyone liked them.
  • Everyone stayed until about 2. It didn't take too long for us to clean up the house. So by 2:45ish, I was sitting on the couch. Whitman came to ask me to spell something on his ipad, and soon I was sound asleep cuddled up to him. He wasn't asleep but was sure a perfect pillow for me. 
  • I only stirred when my alarm went off reminding me to put the potatoes in the oven for our baked potatoes tonight. I got up and did that but soon ended back on the couch. I eventually did some packing as well as reading to Whitman. 
  • The kids are all in awe of the new tvs. Not really new tvs but satellites. I believe that we had most of the same channels before but it is like they have just discovered them. They are watching all of the same shows that we watch whenever we are at a hotel. Now, on a sad note-my Hallmark Movies and Mysteries channel isn't in our package. I had planned to get back on the treadmill and watch some of these movies but now I am just destined to get chubby!
  • The neighbors that are never out were out this evening. I had supper ready about an hour and a half before the kids finally came in. We ate and then everyone worked on an evening list that I had made out for them. 
  • They had to shower, do some packing and prepare their lunch for tomorrow. It was a pretty busy evening. The kids weren't so busy that they forgot to ask for a snack though. I am not sure why they would need a snack right after eating supper, but we still passed one out though!

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