March 20, 2019-Pioneer Woman Trip 2019

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I did manage to sleep later than I have any other day this week. We did comment that Whitman must still be asleep because he hadn’t been in our room asking for help with his morning milk. My first tasks this morning were the laundry and dishes.

Also the ants are back in full force in the house. Graham was the first one to spy them near his bed. I sprayed last night and then he made sure to sleep on the floor so none of the ants got him during the night. By the time that we went to bed, we had seen some ants in the kitchen. This morning they were in the bathroom downstairs. I sprayed liberally all over the place making sure to spray circles around all of the drawers and cabinets that contain food!

The kids started to wake up, well my big boys were already awake, so I started telling everyone what they needed to get started on. This was met without much enthusiasm. I did have to wake Campbell up because my car was the first one to leave the house.

Robby did have to run to get my gas since I used it all yesterday. Then Campbell, Whitman and I were off to pick up Keaton. She had spent the night at Sophia’s house and had a blast. She told us all about it-they made slime, they made pottery, they watched Tangled.

From there, we took Keaton to her last dermatology appointment. They were super pleased about how well her arms are looking. They have improved quite a bit. We still have a few more days of antibiotic left to finish. The doctor did just say to make sure that we keep her arms moisturized.

My next stop was dropping my little three off at Grannymom and Grandpa’s house for the night. They were super excited. Whitman even asked me to hurry up and leave. I think that they have ben busy with Dana’s dogs and even managed to go to Third Realm today.

Robby was dropping off the big three at Nonna and Pops’ house. This crew was excited as well. I think that they knew they were going to get to stop at Hurts donuts at some point, and indeed they did. We hadn’t even left the state, and my crew was finishing Hurts donuts.

After we dropped off the kids, Robby and I picked up the Wilson’s for our spur of the moment road trip to Pawhuska to see the Pioneer Woman. Our first stop was in Fort Smith at Ed Walker’s Drive In. It was pretty good-Robby and I split their French Dip sandwich which is what they are famous for. It was decent but pretty meaty!

We walked around the Hanging Judge National Site before getting back on the road to Oklahoma. We had thought that it would take at least until 8 before we made it, but we were there around 6. The Mercantile was still opened, and we were able to eat at the restaurant. We didn’t have to wait long at all and were able to browse while we waited.

Robby and I were here with the kids exactly two years ago. It was crazy, crazy crowded. It was so full that we couldn’t buy anything, and we sure weren’t going to wait in the line that wrapped all around the building. We kept telling the WIlson’s how full everything was last time, but they didn’t believe us. It probably helped that we arrived right near closing time.

Our meal was good tonight. The biscuits were excellent, but probably not as good as Joanna Gaines’ biscuits that we have frozen in the freezer. Robby and Tony had the chicken fried steak which was a bit bland. I had the spicy pulled pork which was really good, but again very meaty (I know, I probably should have expected that.) Shannon had the lasagna which was the favorite of the table. We were so full by the time that we left, that we didn’t even think about asking for dessert.

We then walked around the area. We passed the Pioneer Woman’s hotel, pizza place, office, and event place. There were also two areas that were under construction that she is probably building or expanding things as well. Then it was back to the car to head towards our hotel in Bartlesville.

The plan tomorrow is to do some shopping back at the Merc tomorrow, sample a few of the sweet things and even go down to the lodge for little bit. We might even squeeze in some pizza as well. It took us about 30 minutes to make it to our hotel, then we munched on cookies in the lobby. Actually, we did eat one just because they were delicious (chocolate chips, macadamia nuts, coconut and oatmeal-actually, better than any food I have had yet this trip.)

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