March 3, 2019

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  • For some reason there are always a few Dennie kids who have not brushed their teeth when it is time to go load up the car to head to the church house. I guess I should at least be pleased that everyone was dressed in appropriate clothes and had their hair combed.
  • We made it to church in plenty of time to see the grandparents. While the kids started to see my folks, I ran upstairs. My friend from Conway was at church on Saturday. She wrote to our group asking for someone to go and check a class room because she had left her coffee mug in the room. After I wrote her during church saying that I couldn't find it, she wrote back saying that she had just discovered it-in her purse! Ha!
  • After church, the children's had an event. We started with pizza and then each grade went to different stations. Anderson and Graham helped in the sports station. Reagan helped in the painting. Robby and I took our third graders around to the different stations so Campbell was with us. Now, since we also had Whitman with us, he went with Keaton with the first graders. Not only was there sports and art, we also went to science and cooking (pancake making.)
  • It was 3:30 or after when we finally made it home. Now, we did stop for Sonic drinks on the way home-everyone was rewarded for helping (big 3) and doing the right thing (little man being able to hang with the big kids.)
  • Robby and I did take our afternoon nap even though we didn't have much time for one. Now, the girls and Whitman were working hard making perler bead minecraft things to put on Whitman's birthday cake next month. I am not sure why those perler beads only come out on Sunday afternoons when I am trying to take my nap.
  • I had taco soup in the crock pot for supper. I was pleased with my meal though Anderson was not. The recipe called for a can of soup. I thought that I had one but only had cream style corn so I used one ear of corn in the entire pot of soup. Anderson is not a fan of corn, so he ate little soup if any at all. 
  • I then started making pumpkin chocolate chip muffins with Campbell's help. As soon as those were out of the mixer, Keaton started making chocolate chip cookies for our snack. At some point, the Wilsons wrote for us to come over for some ice cream.
  • So we made a few of Keaton's cookies and everyone had one as we walked out the door. We put the rest of the cookie dough in the fridge for tomorrow night or another day. We had some cake and ice cream over there and caught up on our visiting while the kids played.
  • It was bedtime when we came home. Robby is trying out a heater in the boys' room tonight since it has been a bit chilly in their the past few days. Anderson even slept with a blanket in front of his window last night so he could stay a bit warmer. I am sure that they will be warm and cozy tonight though.

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