March 15, 2019-Branson Trip 1

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Aw, hotel sleeping is pretty good. Though Robby couldn't get to sleep last night and a few times during the evening, I was hot or I was cold. So I would have to kick the covers off or move closer to Robby, but when we started to stir at 7, we were all super rested.

The boys in the room with us were the first to stir. When they saw that it was 7, they went to get their ipads and then sat with their heads under the cover and played until more people were awake. Whitman woke up and climbed in the bed between Robby and me. I think that he still thought that it was night time because it was so dark outside still.

Soon everyone was dressed and headed out to go and get breakfast. Well, everyone but Reagan, Whitman and I. Reagan and I were still getting ready and Whitman didn't care. Anderson and Graham brought Whitman back breakfast, and then Reagan and I went to grab something to eat. They didn't have a large selection but it was plenty because Keaton had her toast, Robby had his gravy and I had my bagel.

The sun was blaring into our room every time that we opened the door this morning. We assumed that was a sign that it would be warm even though we knew that it was about 10 degrees cooler today. There was still some wind so most of the day was spent with our hats and gloves on. In the afternoon, it did warm up but by the time we left again, we were again getting chilly. Overall, the weather could have been much cooler so they day was actually pretty pleasant. We are pretty sunburned and windburned tonight!

The park opened at 9:30 and we were there before. Many of the rides can't open until it is a certain degrees so the first few hours of our park time was spent walking from here to there looking for a ride. We were able to do Fire in the Hole and the Flooded Mine.

By lunch time more rides started opening. It was crowded but not too bad. Keaton and Campbell are such daredevils. Keaton can ride a few of the big roller coasters-well, she snuck by on them. She is probably an inch to short but with her hat and hair in a bun she passed. She loved every single ride that she went on. And Campbell could keep riding and riding without every stopping.

We were with the Heltz all of the day long. They had come down with just Alyssa to celebrate her 13th birthday. As they were buying their food, Robby did buy us fries to supplement our lunch. Along with our fries we had cracker packages, granola bars and Robby had cut up some sausage that we ate along with some crackers. 

I guess that Whitman's breakfast had been light because he ate a package of crackers, at least 4 slices of Robby's sausage with crackers, a bag of gummies and a a muffin that we had thrown in Robby's bag that he didn't eat at breakfast. He was about to dig into a package of cookies, but it was time to start walking. We did let him have his cookies the next time that we stopped to wait on the big kids to ride a ride. 

We covered the park about a zillion times to day. My watch says that I walked 19 thousand steps today and I am sure that it was at least that. We didn't think that we woulds stay at the park all day long, but since we were in no hurry the day was pleasant.

Some of the kids would have been content coming back to the hotel to eat some more bbq, but instead we opted to try a new restaurant. We picked Falls Creek-Robby had seen that they had catfish and that sounded good to him. Robby and I usually split a meal but the largest catfish plate they had was 2 fillets.

He thought that we should order our own, so we each were brought a plate with a baked potato, another side and 2 catfish fillets. However, the fillets were the size of my computer keyboard. Seriously, they were as long as my head. I couldn't eat all of one. It was laughable at how large they were. And really none of us needed anything to else after the rolls.

We had seen that the sign said that they had throwed rolls. The kids loved the rolls at Lamberts-even more than the rolls, they loved catching the rolls. When I went in to find out the wait, they were even throwing rolls in the entry way. I was eating a roll as I went out to tell Robby and the kids that there wasn't a wait. The place was actually huge, so there was no need to worry about a wait at all.

By the time we had our food, we were all working on our third roll. I did let the kids get one more while we were eating, just so we could put it in our take home box. Yes, I know. I have become my momma. But seriously, we had 2 and a half catfish fillets to take home. They alone nearly filled up my box. If I had a ruler, I would take a picture of them so you could see and really believe me about how big they were.

After eating, we headed back to the hotel. Only probably about having a big family in a hotel room is the lack of bathrooms. Both boys needed to use the restroom so that slowed us down on our showering. We did catch up though and soon most everyone was showered. 

Once most folks had their showers, Robby pulled out his hair trimmers. Anderson had his hair cut first, followed by Whitman and then Robby. Whitman was not too sure about getting his hair cut. He told Robby, "Seriously? We are in a hotel." He continued to tell Robby that we were messing up a hotel. Robby assured him that he would clean it all up. 

After hair was cut and showers were finished, we tired to finish off our ice cream. We still have quite a bit left but I don't think that we can get it home. We will probably pass out ice cream sandwiches at some point during the morning!

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