March 19, 2019

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  • I didn't mark too many things off of my list today. I wish that I could some how explain to Whitman that it is spring break week, and there is no reason to wake up early. Since I was awake at pretty much the normal time, if not earlier, maybe I should have accomplished a few more things off of my list.
  • Anderson, Graham and Whitman were the early ones to wake up. They all worked on their school work fairly early this morning. I really should make them do something like this each day of the summer since it takes them no time at all or maybe not since it is a bit of work for me too. 
  • Whitman and I read this morning in my bed. I tried to convince him to go back to sleep, but not surprisingly, he would have nothing to do with that. Soon Campbell and Keaton were awake and had me helping them with their school work.
  • Keaton and I ran to the Dollar Store this morning to pick up a few little presents to put in a birthday gift. I also ran in Michaels to buy something (for Christmas-yes, Christmas). We hurried home so she could return to playing with the neighbors outside.
  • I worked around the house a bit this afternoon, but at 2ish we loaded up to head to Third Realm. On the way we picked up 4 extra kiddos plus Robby dropped Cash off to meet us. The line was long, but when we stepped in the line with 11 kiddos, the line became very long. The worker man was wonderful and quickly let the pass holders move out of the long line.
  • The kids all had fun jumping. It took me a while to herd and count all of the crew to get them back in the car. We ran Cash home, then dropped of the Heltz, then ran home to give Keaton a dose of her medicine before taking her to her birthday party. Keaton was so excited to get to her party, and I am so happy that her arms aren't bothering her anymore so she can enjoy herself.
  • Once we finally made it home, I had a few minutes of down time before we headed to the Wilson's house for supper. We picked up Reagan from down the road on the way there. Tony had made some delicious chicken and fried pickles that we gobbled up. Actually, I am the one that gobbled up all of the pickles. 
  • We stayed out too late because when we came home, the kids still had to do some last minute packing and straightening. We managed to get it all done and get in bed at a decent hour-maybe tomorrow will be the day that we sleep in a little bit.

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