March 24, 2019

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  • I guess that we did sleep in a bit too long today, or maybe I shouldn't put two french braids in Campbell and Keaton's hair. I had about 15 minutes until it was time to leave when I hopped in the shower. Usually, that wouldn't be an issue but I had to wash my hair. Since I usually just wash my hair on Sundays and Wednesdays, it was a must do today. I am not sure if that is sharing too much information or not. 
  • We made it to church in time to see the grands. Campbell and Keaton had cute hair and I had clean hair so all was well. The sermon was good this morning-both of them. Whitman did get a bit tired at the end and not so quietly asked me, "is this the last song?" 
  • The Hispanic church was selling Mexican food in the parking lot today so that is what Pops' bought for our lunch. It was pretty good or maybe it is more accurate to say "it is good to try new things." There were tamales, enchiladas (nothing like what we would call an enchilada) and some other something or another. Nonna had rice and beans so there was plenty even for my non-adventurous eaters.
  • After eating, we watched the end of a basketball game. My kids have enjoyed watching basketball this year-even the little girls. They are all about checking their brackets. So far, I am ahead and it looks like it will stay that way for a while. I am pretty sure that I will not stay in the lead so I am living it up.
  • Once at home this afternoon, Robby and I had our naps. He did get up briefly when our Girl Scout cookies were delivered. We snacked on them alone upstairs until the kids got word that we were eating cookies. Soon the bonus room was filled with people eating the cookies. Except I order Somoas because I know that no one will eat those cookies since they have coconut in them!
  • Reagan left next to go to her life group tonight. They were climbing Pinnacle. I love her life group leaders, and she always has fun when she is there. There were only 6 kids there tonight, but they still had a blast.
  • During her life group, the rest of us went to Third Realm. The boys just sweat when they are there-it is so good for them. When they finished, we ran to Walmart. Campbell still needed cleats for soccer so I bought her a pair. We also grabbed Whitman a birthday present from Jason. The girls enjoyed helping me pick it out. 
  • We did grab supper on the way home. Robby vacuumed a little bit upstairs and then it was time to leave to pick up Reagan. Robby drove so I went in to get the girls and Noah. They were awaiting some cookies that were in the oven so we stayed a few minutes. On the way to drop of Noah, Robby did stop to pick me up a Starbucks drink. 
  • Once at home, everyone had a snack and then it was time to for bed for the crew. Whitman had already finished off the water that was in his water bottle. I refilled it (a tiny bit) and he was just downstairs trying to get some more. I made him potty and gave him another sip of water but am expecting wet sheets tomorrow!

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