March 11, 2019

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  • I think that Time Change might have hit me harder than the kids. It sure didn't bother Graham at all because he was up and playing his ipad before anyone else in this house had even stepped out of the bed!
  • I woke everyone else up and by some miracle, we all had our breakfasts and were in my bedroom, reading all before 8:15. We read a few books and even finished a few. After a run to the library this afternoon, we only have 81 books checked out. I am working on getting that number down a little bit.
  • The kid started on their school around 9. Keaton is so close to finishing her spelling, and that will make me happy, happy. Now if I could just get my Whitman to finish his spelling. The boy can sure read, but he can't spell at all. We have been working hard, but his attention span and my patience only lasts for about 5-7 words a day.
  • Anderson worked and finished his school work before lunch time. We ate our lunch and then did a few chores. Tomorrow is homeschool day here with all of our buddies so we had to do a little bit of extra cleaning. 
  • Once we finished all of that, we worked on our afternoon reading and also finished another Jr. Ranger book. We are approaching 50 Jr. Ranger badges! Afterwards, we had a bit of free time before meeting all of our buddies at Third Realm. Yep, it was our 8th day in a row. Just FYI, I do not plan on going there tomorrow.
  • After we made it home, I worked on pulling out Whitman's school for after Spring break. Then Robby and I started on supper. We made fajitas for everyone and used queso fresco on our tortillas. I think that it was a hit because there was no chicken to save.
  • The evening eventually ended with some ice cream for the kids while we watched a few tv shows. Whitman was busy drawing cards and pictures. I promise you that he went through 15 pieces of paper tonight!

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