March 26, 2019

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  • The boys were all up this morning when I woke up. Whitman did come in our room briefly to ask his usual question. "Is today Big Church day?" I love church days, but not my boy. When I told him that today was not Big Church day but was school day, he squealed, "yes!"
  • We started on our school this morning. We didn't finish as early as we did yesterday, but everyone was finished by lunchtime. Anderson has been working on an essay. The prompt for his essay was a quote by Martin Luther, and he did a really good job-Anderson, not Luther. Well, Martin Luther did good too, but I was talking about Anderson.
  • We had our lunch and did some reading before working on our chores. I ran to the treadmill for a little bit before we all rushed out of the house. We picked up the Heltz and then met the Powells at Third Realm. Yesterday, there were a few people there, but today it was just us. The kids loved jumping in the empty place.
  • As soon we arrived back home, the kids headed outside to play. They stayed outside until after 7. I was working on supper-potatoes, sweet potatoes and sausage like at Silver Dollar City along with some chicken nuggets for my non adventurous eaters. 
  • Luckily, the kids did come in about the same time that supper was ready but by the time that we were finished eating and had the kitchen clean, it was almost 8:30. That made for a fairly short evening.

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