March 6, 2019

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  • Wednesday morning here and everyone was asleep except the two big boys. I woke up the rest of the gang and started trying to get them moving. I did haul Whitman down the stairs which caused me to have to sit down on the side of the bed and catch my breath! 
  • As I helped Whitman get his breakfast, I made him empty the silverware from the dishwasher. When it was almost time to leave, I heated up my Wednesday bagel. Today I had new strawberry cream cheese which made my Wednesday start off super well. My friend tried to convince me today, that if my Wednesday bagels make me so happy, then I should eat them every day of the week. I told her that they wouldn't be as special anymore so that wouldn't make me as happy.
  • Robby came to pick up Keaton from Bible study because she had her eczema appointment. They said to increase the dose of her medicine so we definitely do that. Her arms aren't much better at all (different but still worse) but there is some change in her arms so hopefully a larger dose of medicine will help. 
  • We met our buddies at Third Realm after Bible study. Robby dropped Keaton off with me so she was able to jump as well. When it was time to leave, Sara took my little 2 and I had my boys, Reagan, Alyssa, Kennedy and Noah. So it was all big kids at my house and Whitman. 
  • I read to Whitman this afternoon for a little bit. The big kids had some popcorn, watched some tv and played spoons for a little bit. 
  • All too soon, well actually after my 8 minute nap, it was time to load up to head back to church. We ate at church tonight-I brought home a whole container of ham and cheese croissants that my people didn't finish.
  • My game time went by pretty quickly tonight. But when the evening was over, I was tired and I made sure that everyone headed home! Robby had brownies ready for us so we had a snack once we came in. Then we had a bit of downtime before bed. Tomorrow it is back to school for the crew after our mid week break.

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