March 14, 2019-Branson Trip 1

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While I was hitting snooze on my alarm this morning, Graham came in to our room. I guess he didn't know what kind of sound it was. Then he asked me if I was going to get up. I politely reminded him that of course I was going to get up, but I always hit snooze for 45 minutes! Well, almost! When I did wake up though, Graham had already done his school work and placed it in the floor right in front of our door.

I made a few trips around waking people up, telling people to start their school work, checking things, reminding people to brush their teeth and put away their laundry. Probably by the time that we left the house, I had nearly 5 thousand steps just walking around the house. I did have time to take my shower and fold the last little bit of the laundry. 

By the time that we left this morning, I had given Keaton her medicine and put three different creams on her little arms. They are looking a bit better, and I think that they will even improve more as the antibiotic starts working. We even lotioned up again while we were on the road. I plan on getting those arms better!

We had talked about leaving around 10, but never really rushed. So it was about 10:15 when we finally pulled out of the driveway. We started our trek to Branson. We stopped once for the potty and once for lunch at Arbys. For some reason, the drive up seemed a little bit long to Robby. He did have to battle quite a few construction barrels along with some crazy wind. 

We weren't too sure if we were going to go to Silver Dollar City today or not, but decided that we might as well. We knew the park closed at 6 tonight, but since we arrived around 2:30, we had plenty of time to play. We were pretty surprised at the full parking lot though.

Our first stop in the park was the bathroom, as it usually is. After the drive and the walk up to the park, I was the one that needed to stop in the bathroom. Then we headed on towards Fire in the Hole. A few of the big roller coasters had long waits but the kids did go on Wild Fire. Everyone rode Thunderation twice. This ride is Whitman's favorite.

We stopped for a bit to eat a snack and then as soon as we left our snack spot, Robby handed Reagan money to go and buy a funnel cake. Even Graham said, "did we just have a snack?" We still all devoured that funnel cake though like we hadn't eaten in a few days. It was pretty perfect. Now Anderson wants me to try to figure out how to make funnel cakes at home. Wonder if the instant pot can do that?

We rode the gun ride and walked down the one of the kiddie areas. Campbell, Keaton and Whitman rode on the little roller coaster. It was the longest wait that we had, and it was also the coldest that we were waiting on that ride. Today was 10 degrees warmer than it should be tomorrow, but today the wind was blowing like crazy. We all had on hat and gloves today, and tomorrow hopefully everyone has packed a bit warmer clothes. I will have a whole other layer to wear tomorrow. We did enough today though that if we leave early tomorrow, we will have seen and done it all.

Once we left the park, we drove right to our motel. We have stayed here before but it has been a very long time. We have one room that is larger than a regular motel room, plus there is a kitchen and a whole other bedroom. It is a huge place which fits us perfectly. There is a bed for everyone so I can see us staying here a few more times in the future. 

We all found a few spots on the beds and vegged out for a little bit while Robby did some work. Then we worked on our supper. We had brought bbq, chips and corn. It didn't take long for us to heat everything up. I think that everyone was pretty hungry since we ate a bit over a pound of meat, all the corn and a bag of chips. 

After everything was cleaned up, we then headed to go and find some dessert somewhere in Branson. We headed towards Hurts Donuts but decided that we might just should save Hurts for the new one at home. So we ended up at Walmart in the ice cream section. We bought a few treats along with an atlas. We just need to start keeping one in the car because Robby and I really like to plan our next trip or two or three while we are in the car. We can do it all on the phones but it is just a bit easier to be able to see things on the map.

There was pretty much no one on the strip tonight so it didn't take us long to get back to the hotel at all. We then pulled out the bowls and scooped up the ice cream for everyone. I think that everyone enjoyed the treat-Keaton was really the only one that wanted Hurts so she did get to pick her favorite kind of ice cream-mint.

We watched some tv and played on all of our devices until it was finally time for everyone to head to bed. It was a pretty great day.

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