March 9, 2019

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  • It was after 8 when I woke up today. That was when Whitman burst into our room, climbed between us and told us that he had a "scary nightmare." I think that since it was so dark outside, he thought that he wasn't yet supposed to be up. He then stayed in our bed for quite a while until he heard Anderson milling around downstairs.
  • The weather continued to get darker so I sure was not getting out of bed. Keaton then joined us and stayed with us through the storm. There was a point that that the rain was so hard that we could not see the trees outside. Something hit the window, a stick or something, and Robby just jumped. We are always expected to lose a tree whenever there is a storm. 
  • We did finally get up to head to Third Realm. While we were getting everyone ready, the sirens were going off for another area in the county. Of course, I did ask Anderson and Reagan if they did hear the sirens or if they thought that they might should be concerned. I guess they trust that we will tell them if there is something wrong because they were oblivious.
  • I ran to pick up Graham while everyone one else piled in Robby's car to go and pick up Campbell. The kids do like Robby's car better. Someone always gets to sit up front so they all like that and I do believe that I have a few folks that are a wee bit embarrassed of my car.
  • We met up at Third Realm and yes, I have been there 6 times this week. I am actually thinking of getting a part time job there. Seriously, I have been there more this week than I have been at church-well, probably not, but almost. The kids still enjoy it-today they were playing dodge ball and had a worker refereeing it so the boys loved that.
  • On the way home, we picked up some chicken wings at Sonic. There was a sale today and surprisingly most everyone loved them. Keaton and Whitman were not fans, but our non meat eater, Anderson, asked to finish them off for supper.
  • Our afternoon was spent watching the worker man put the dish on the house (back, thankfully) and fix all of the tvs. Things seem to be working well and everything is working right this second. 
  • We had leftovers and hot dogs for supper tonight. Everyone had their showers and then Robby and I started working on moving our massive tv unit into the exact right spot. Things do look better in our room now since the couch doesn't just looked shoved up against the wall. It took us all evening long because he had to redo all of the cords. (Now he still has to redo all of the cords in the bonus room, but that is a project for another day.)
  • For some reason the kids, especially Keaton, were wound up tonight. That didn't make all of our reorganizing very easy, but we did survive...and so did the kids. We finished after putting everyone in bed-unfortunately, we didn't get anyone in bed earlier than usual tonight so there will be lots of tired kiddos on the Dennie pew during time change Sunday.

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