March 18, 2019

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  • Spring Break Day 1 and we woke up to Graham telling us that there was a police car at a house across the way from us. I heard more sirens and got up to look in time to see another police and them ambulance arrive. It wasn't too early, though it was early for a spring break day. What was interesting was that the sheriff stayed for a good long while after everyone else had left.
  • Robby's spring break work week is busy so he wasn't much fun today since we didn't see him come downstairs at all. Since he was busy early, I decided that I should get busy as well. I started with my bathroom cabinet and drawers. That didn't take too long but I did have to stop a few times to help people with their school work.
  • Then there was the laundry followed by making pumpkin muffins with Graham. We made the muffins to thank the neighbors for watching our house while we were at Branson. I read to Whitman this morning and listened to him read to me. 
  • I eventually settled in the kitchen and made 2 recipes of breakfast burritos along with 3 pans of manicotti. It is not often that I think that I need a larger stove or even more burners but today I surely felt that way trying to boil 2 packages of noodles, brown 4 pounds of sausage and scramble 2 dozen eggs. 
  • By the time that I had finished my kitchen duty, it was after 1. The kids grabbed their lunches-well, Reagan ate hers around 4 when she came down the stairs. She spent most of her spring break day upstairs on her bed-I think that is her happy place.
  • I had planned to take a few folks with me to Third Realm but the neighbors came out to play so I had no takers. Instead I took Whitman to the library. He had asked to go the other day when I ran in on a Wednesday. So this time I gave him plenty of time to look around. 
  • At the library, I would show him a book and he would read the title and decide it he liked it. One book was about someone's underwear. When he read that title, he just laughed out loud. Then he walked up to a little bit playing with a toy. Whitman told the kid, "that was my favorite toy when I was growing up."
  • On the drive home, Whitman read a book to me. It was one that he did not want to me to turn in so we kept it. He read each word and when he came to a word that he didn't know, he would spell it out for me to tell him the word. When we made it home, he was still reading. I told him to get out of the car but he didn't hear me and continued reading. He eventually came in when he had finished his book.
  • Most of the kids played outside for the rest of the afternoon/evening. I worked on cleaning our shower but I think that it needs more attention than just me trying to scrub it. I might need me to tear the tile out-nah, not really. I have plenty of spring break projects but nothing that large. I do have plenty of large projects but nothing on my list for this week.
  • Graham made a gigantic sugar cookie this afternoon for our supper tonight. The Wilson's came over to eat our manicotti with us. After eating, we gabbed for a long while the kids played. Whitman and the boys enjoyed throwing pretend snowballs all over the living room as we tried to talk!
  • It was a pretty great first day to our break. I haven't decided what I will try to accomplish tomorrow, but maybe I will just take a nap!

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