March 17, 2019

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  • Last night Robby asked me if I had set my alarm. Indeed I had and not too surprisingly, at some point in the morning I had even turned off my alarm. I woke right up when I finally did wake up. I am not sure what woke me up, but it is a good thing that I did wake up when I did! 
  • We still had plenty of time to get ourselves ready and make it to church on time. Campbell and Keaton had already laid out their clothes for today to make sure that they remembered their green for St. Patrick's Day.
  • We saw all of the grands before big church. On the way to church this morning, Whitman was complaining and Robby told the boy that he was going to sign him up for "Big Church Summer Camp." 
  • We had lunch at Grannymom's house. After we ate, the kids enjoyed the nice weather outside and played until we left. We took Cash with us and stopped at Third Realm on the way home. The kids acted like they were pretty tired today-maybe since they haven't been to Third Realm lately, they are out of shape.
  • After jumping, we all came home. Robby and I went to work on the laundry while the kids played some more. I think that they played a bit outside before coming in. Cash was with us so they all enjoyed playing with him.
  • The laundry took Robby and I a good little bit. It was at least 3 days worth of laundry to fold. I often see people on the computer posting about their mounds of laundry when they have one or two kids. I would like to smack those people over the head. But that wouldn't be nice! 
  • Once we finished the laundry, we did work on our grocery list for a bit. We then took Cashy home to his house. Afterwards, we ate at Popeyes for our supper. We did leave Reagan and Graham at home, so we brought them supper to eat at home. 
  • We also ran to the grocery store for a little bit. Of course a little bit often turns into a buggy full. Campbell and Anderson enjoyed ringing up all of my groceries for me. Once we made it home, everyone had their showers while Reagan and Graham ate. Then it was time for bed for the crew-I am sure that everyone will sleep in for the start of their spring break tomorrow. (Not really!)

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