March 22, 2019

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  • My phone buzzed around 8:30 with this text, "are you awake?" I quickly answered no. It was my Graham already trying to work on his school work. I am very grateful for his "get up and go"-ness but not on the last day of spring break.
  • Soon I had poured Whitman's milk and text Graham back that I was indeed awake. I helped him as I folded my laundry pile. I read to Whitman some this morning and let him read to me along with doing a few other things around the house.
  • The kids were anxiously awaiting for the neighbors to come out, but they never showed. I eventually snuck out the door headed to the grocery store.
  • I did actually stop at Painted Tree before going go the grocery store. I enjoyed walking through the place and taking pictures of things that I would like to make some day. Then I finally made it to the grocery store. Yep, twice in less than 12 hours-I do love the grocery store! It made me happier than Painted Tree.
  • When I came home, Robby and the kids were gone. They had all headed to Third Realm for a bit of jumping. It was pretty crowded, but they still enjoyed it.
  • While they were gone, I text the doctor from the study since Keaton now has a hive like rash all over her body. Her antibiotic can cause hives, but she finished her antibiotic today so it is kind of late. The doctor said start right on benedryl and zyrtec. Hopefully, that will help but hasn't really as of late tonight. She is not really itching so that at least is really good. 
  • The neighbors did come out this afternoon right as we were about to leave. The kids did play for about 30 minutes before we finally had to have them load up. Tony had smoked a huge thing of meat for us tonight that we ate on for supper. We brought the corn and Shannon had the slaw and tater tots.
  • Then we all went to work making our own batch of cinnamon rolls. We wanted to share our knowledge from the class that we went to. It was fun and took all evening long. It was after 10 when we were finally getting to enjoy the fruits of our labor and eat some of those cinnamon rolls. They are pretty good-hopefully, I am able to get one before they are all gone tomorrow.

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