March 25, 2019

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  • The Monday after Spring Break went much better than I could have ever expected. I really worried when I walked thought the house and discovered that everyone was still sound asleep upstairs. It was after 8, so I am not sure how Graham and Anderson were still asleep.
  • We started our reading while everyone was eating their breakfast in my bedroom. I am not really sure what all happened today, but I was finished with my stuff by 11:30. Anderson was even done with his work by noon so all of the stars must have been aligned.
  • Everyone ate-well, actually everyone worked on their lunches while I read. I am not sure why everyone have stopped eating sandwiches, but no one eats them anymore. Today's lunches were a bagel, lots of breakfast burritos, a wrap and a hot dog. I guess my people really enjoy their breakfasts since they were still eating breakfast at lunch time.
  • Then it was time for some chores. At the first of the week, chore time is fairly short because the kids pick their chores from a list. Once all of the easy chores are gone, then things take a bit longer. Since it is Monday, there were plenty of easy ones to choose from today.
  • After chore time, we did some afternoon reading. Today, I went ahead and requested all of the library books that I want to finish reading this school year to the kids. We are about to finish our science book so I will be able to read a little more of other things. 
  • I then walked on the treadmill until it was time for us to load up and meet our buddies at Third Realm. The kids jumped hard and enjoyed their time there. On the way home, we listened to our book and will hopefully finish it tomorrow or the next day. 
  • I did some of my computer work this afternoon-planning Whitman's birthday party mainly. Then Robby and I worked on getting our supper ready. We had left over bbq which everyone approved of. Whitman even ate all of his sandwich so we know that it was a hit. 
  • Afterwards, the kids had their showers followed by some down time before it was finally time for bed!

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