March 21, 2019-Pioneer Woman Trip 2019

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I know that the kids had a great day at both of their grandparents houses. The bigs took a quick trip to Hot Springs to go to Mid America for a bit and even eat some pizza. The littles spent the day taking care of Dana’s dogs, going to Hurts for a snack and the dollar store for a treat. They also made a craft, and Campbell and Keaton even went to aerobics.

Robby and I woke up in plenty of time this morning to get ourselves to breakfast. He wasn’t really impressed with the breakfast since there were no biscuits and gravy which is the gold standard to all hotels for him. I just had half of my bagel since I was still really full from last night and I knew that we were headed back to the Mercantile to grab a sweet breakfast item to eat.

After eating, we loaded up and then did drive back to Pawhuska. We could definitely tell a difference in the crowds being a bit thicker in the morning. By the time we left, there were lots more people and when we returned in the afternoon after the lodge, it was craziness.

I did do a little bit of shopping this morning. I bought a necklace, an ornament and Robby even convinced me to buy a shirt. Then we headed upstairs for a sweet treat. We ordered a cinnamon roll and a sticky bun. They were both very good, but there were so many choices that we kind of second guessed our choices.

From there, we headed way down the road to Pioneer Woman’s lodge. It is a super ways out of town-you wouldn’t be running back to town to grab some ice cream. There was a crowd there but we were able to wonder around opening drawers and cabinets. It was lots of fun and made me want to watch all of Pioneer Woman’s shows.

We then went back to town to eat at the P-Town Pizza. The wait was about 30 minutes, so we spent some time browsing some little shops nearby. The pizza place was neat. We tried the knot knots which were appetizers. They were excellent. Then Robby and I split a pizza that had tomatoes, goat cheese and balsamic vinegar on it. It had other stuff too but I really loved it. Surprisingly, Robby even said that he would order it again.

Then it was back in the car, and we zoomed to Siloam Springs. It was just 30 minutes more going that way and the Dayspring Store and the Little Debbie stores were calling our names. We knew that we had to hurry to get there since everything closed at 5.

The boys dropped Shannon and I off at the Dayspring store and drove off to get to the Little Debbie store before it closed. Now, it didn’t take long for Shannon and I to realize that we were at the factory and not the outlet. So we had to call the boys to come get us. They rushed back and dropped us off at the right place-just a few miles away. Then they ran to the Little Debbie store.

Shannon and I laughed to see that our store was really open until 6 so we had no reason to worry. We pottied and had plenty of time to browse. I bought a few little things, and soon the boys were back to pick us up. They had filled 3 bags each with goodies from the Little Debbie store. It is definitely on Robby’s list to return when we come back this way this summer.
We didn’t stop again until Kroger’s in Conway. There were a few sales that we needed to pick up plus Robby wanted to buy a butt for Tony to smoke. I am not sure what kind of butt was bought so sorry I can’t be more specific.

We rushed around Kroger picking up the sale items and then had to reload the car so we could get everyone and everything in it once we picked everyone up. We picked up the littles from Grannymom’s house. Then we met Brett and his grandpa at the gas station. He piled in the car, and we dropped off the Wilson’s and their bags and bags of stuff.

Pops and Nonna had brought the big crew home a few minutes before we arrived. They had all taken their showers and were slightly unpacked. It didn’t take us long at all to unpack everyone, and the house was quiet by 11.

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