March 8, 2019

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  • School went as expected this morning. Since we had already finished our spelling yesterday, my work was a lot lighter today. Campbell and Anderson both did have writing assignments that required a bit of extra work from me. I was however to pull out most everyone's school for next week before we did eat our lunch.
  • Campbell left first this morning to got Grannymom and Grandpa's house for the evening. She did most of her school work last night so she would be able to finish early today. After she did finish her work, she went right to work on packing her bags. I am not too sure on how long she plans on staying, but she could probably stay a week or two with everything that she brought.
  • Graham left next with Nonna and Pops. He also had a bag full. Most of his extra stuff was for basketball-shorts and shoes. He was pretty excited about going to their house and even ate at his favorite restaurant, Chick Fil A.
  • Around one, I finally called everyone down for lunch. I let them make their own and then eat where ever they would like. I think that they enjoyed a break from having to listen to me read as they ate.
  • Soon it was time to meet the buddies at Third Realm. We have been there 5 days this week. I even did some work on my chart today so I could better keep up with our jumping visits better. Everyone was pretty sweaty after we came in from jumping. 
  • We hadn't been home for long when the neighbor came out wanting to play so Keaton and Whitman headed out with him. When they came back in, they were soaking wet. I am not sure what they did outside, but it still must be incredibly wet.
  • They had showers as Robby and I were preparing to take Anderson to basketball. As soon as we were about to leave, we received at text saying that basketball was cancelled. So Robby and I still left to go out and eat by ourselves. On our way home, we stopped to buy everyone supper-2 requested Arbys (Keaton and Anderson), 1 had Tropical Smoothie (Reagan) and one child just asked for a grilled cheese (Whitman).
  • As they ate, I worked on baking the cookies that Keaton had made earlier in the week. Unfortunately, when you leave cookie dough in the fridge, it just disappears. I can say that I have not been the one eating it this week. I usually do, but I have a stash of mint m&ms that I am working on right now.
  • We ate our cookies as we watched some of the Hogs baseball game with Shannon. She came over for a bit while her crew was out and about tonight. Once she left, we watched some basketball before calling it a night and sending the people to bed!

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