March 28, 2019

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  • I did go a bit easy on the kids this morning when we only did half of our morning reading. I would rather do all of it and none of our real school work, but the end of the year is fast approaching and I want to start finishing some more things. 
  • I knew we wouldn't have too long today, so I made sure that everyone had a fairly short day of school but still had to do their hardest things (math, writings, etc.) That worked out well, and everyone was finished in time to do a few chores before we loaded up to leave.
  • At noon, we arrived in Conway to pack food with the Tacos for Life organization. We have done this now 3 times-once with our buddies and twice by ourselves. Conway is a bit to drive but it was fun today because Robby was able to meet us there for a little bit.
  • The kids all worked pretty hard. I do have two that have a bit harder time than others working hard. Reagan spent most of her time holding the bag under the funnel. She could really do that quickly and was probably working as fast as two people.
  • Anderson did a lot of weighing the pack along with scooping up the stuff for the bag. Graham did pretty much the same as Anderson. Campbell enjoyed weighing the stuff the most. Keaton would bounce from scooping to weighing. Whitman could really only do one job-helping seal the bags. He would try to scoop but was a bit too slow. At one point he did ask, "how many more hours?" Two hours is a long time to work.
  • My job was mainly sealing the bags. While Robby was there, he took over the sealing and I was able to help scooping. We did manage to work our part of the table fairly well. While we were packing, our buddies wrote about Third Realm. I knew that I should have put those socks in the car.
  • After fighting a bit of traffic getting out of Conway, we had to miss their Sonic and ended up at our Sonic. That was fine because we didn't have to wait very long. Then we were able to run home and get back to Third Realm to join our friends.
  • The kids jumped for an hour after working for two hours. From there, we met Robby in the parking lot at the gas station, and he took everyone buy Campbell to soccer practice.
  • Tonight was the first soccer practice for the season. Anderson and Graham are on the same team. Robby is coaching their team along with Keaton's team. Reagan is helping coach Keaton's team too so that will be fun.
  • Campbell wasn't able to go to her first soccer practice. Instead we are spending the night at the Nutrition Center. I hope that this is the closest we ever get to spend the night at Childrens. We arrived at 6 and soon had our supper-she had mac and cheese, corn, milk and an uncrustable. After she ate, he weighed her food which I thought was really interesting. Then we played a few games, painted and even played in the playroom.
  • After Campbell's shower, we both had a huge cookie and milk. The worker man had to weigh all of her trash as well but there were no leftovers to her cookies. After she ate that, we had a few more minutes until lights out. Campbell had to go to bed at 9, and she is wearing a fit bit type thing to track her sleep. Hopefully she sleeps well-hopefully I sleep well too!

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