March 2, 2019

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  • The kids were kind this morning and slept in a little bit. I heard Campbell helping Whitman get his breakfast. They were fairly noisy, but at least he didn't eat 4 or 5 servings of cereal. Robby and I stayed in the bed for as long as we could. 
  • Then we scurried around marking things off of my list. Robby reminded me that if we woke up a little bit earlier, then we wouldn't have to rush around. I reminded him that if we finished our list early in the morning then what would we do all day long.
  • Our first stop this morning was at Third Realm. We did leave Reagan at home because she was still sound asleep when Robby went to ask her if she wanted to go with us. The kids jumped and jumped. Graham is always the sweatiest Dennie when we leave every single time.
  • We then ran to one restaurant for Robby to do a mystery shop while I took some of the other kids to Subway to pick out their lunch. Then we picked up Robby and ran back to the grocery store. Yep, we like to go on Friday and Saturday each week. I don't know what our problem is-well, I do know what our problem is, we can't pass up a bargain.
  • Back at home, we unloaded our groceries. Then the kids found the neighbors outside. They played for most of the afternoon only coming in to wake me up from my nap and ask me multiple questions! I was able to have a pretty good nap this afternoon and read a good bit of my book.
  • Robby pulled out all of the leftovers from the fridge. Everyone found something that they wanted for supper, but unfortunately we still put lots of leftovers back in the fridge.
  • The kids then started on their Saturday showers. Afterwards, we watched some tv while eating some ice cream. The kids had theirs tonight while I plan on eating my ice cream tonight while I am not answering any questions.

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