March 13, 2019

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  • Another rainy morning and another day that only my big boys were awake at 8. I made the loop waking everyone-it took me a few loops around to finally get the girls stirring. When we had about 5 minutes until it was time that we left, I again made my loop downstairs telling people to put their dishes up, brush their teeth and get what they needed. I was pretty shocked to see that Anderson was still in his pjs! He said, "you never told me to put on my clothes." Gracious me!
  • We finished our book on tape this morning, and then headed into Bible study. Robby again picked up Keaton for her dermatology appointment. At some point, her eczema has turned into something else-possibly this was the cause for it to become so bad and for it to start spreading down her arms and now on her tummy.
  • That does mean that she will have to stop using the new testing drug which is fine with us. Her arms had really taken a turn for the worse the last few days and were driving her crazy itching. The doctor called her in a prescription so she is having to drink some medicine each day for the next 10 days. 
  • We immediately started putting lotions, creams and potions on her arms. They won't get truly better until the medicine takes effect, but hopefully once that happens we can kick her eczema goodbye too. Even after one dose of antibiotics and one good rub down with cream, they were already starting to look better. They are still really, really red though but hopefully not as itchy. 
  • She still has to go back to the study one more time so they can make sure that her little arms are indeed getting better. More than likely she will not get compensated for the whole study, but she will still get quite a bit of money-enough to buy what she wants to buy.
  • After her appointment, Keaton met us at Third Realm. This is our 23rd time to visit, and that place was packed with homeschoolers. Not really packed, but usually when we come during the day our group is the only ones. There were even some Amish kids there today!
  • When we had finished jumping, we ran to pick up Keaton's medicine and then came home to start dosing her up. Kennedy came home with us so we didn't really see much of Reagan and her until supper time. 
  • I did read to Whitman and had everyone do some more packing. You would laugh if you saw all of the stuff that we have to take on a trip. It really doesn't matter if we are gone for 30 days or 3 days-there is still so much stuff of pack. 
  • For supper, we had baked potatoes, biscuits and hamburgers (Robby picked up our Dairy Queen burgers today-the kids don't like the Dairy Queen buns so we buy the double hamburgers, bring them home and when we do eat them, we now have 6 burgers instead of 3! This thrills my soul and probably mortifies the kids. When they are old, they will tell their children about how cheap their parents were.)
  • On our way out of the door, Anderson decided that he didn't feel good. He said that his stomach hurt, and he did inhale his food at supper. We weren't too sure what was going on, so we did let him stay home. Robby did tell him that he couldn't do electronics though so he did nap, read and even played some. I am not too sure if he was really sick or if he just didn't want to go. He is a pretty tenderhearted kid so I do worry about him. 
  • By the time that rest of us made it back home-my shoes were still wet from our trip to the library before church. Whitman was acting crazy in the car so I made him come in with me. However I was not thinking about the crazy rain that was happening at the time so we were both pretty soaked by the time we made it back to the car. 
  • Also by the time we made it home, Anderson seemed to be in good spirits. He had a snack with the rest of us but did later say he still felt tired. Possibly time change has gotten to him. I think it has gotten to me too!
  • After our snack, the kids had a few minutes to just play on their devices before it was time for bed. Wednesdays are a pretty long day!

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