March 23, 2019

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  • It was a lazy wonderful Saturday around here. Whitman was the first one in our room this morning, and he needed someone to pour his milk. We did that and were soon back in the bed. We stayed in the bed as long as we could this morning because there is only one more Saturday until soccer games and yard work start!
  • After Whitman ate his breakfast, he ran back in our room incredibly proud of himself. He had a powdered donut mustache and was super anxious to show it off to us.
  • Campbell and Keaton were anxious to play with the neighbors. They had me text and eventually rode down their to ring their doorbell. I am not sure if they answered the door or not, but Campbell and Keaton didn't show back up until 2ish this afternoon.
  • Robby and I watched the Hogs play their basketball game. Anderson came in our room to watch some and when he was in the room, they would do better. We encouraged him to stay and he did for a while, but eventually he left and the score went kaploot.
  • All of the kids eventually ended outside to play. They played and played pretty hard and loud until the neighbors had to go home for lunch. By this time it was well after 2 so we soon loaded up and headed to Third Realm. 
  • It was pretty crowded there, but the kids still had a blast. Afterwards, we ran by Sonic to get a drink. Then we went to the other side of town to pick up a few groceries, our Dairy Queen hamburgers, and then a Academy run. 
  • We had to go to Academy because Anderson and Campbell needed new cleats for soccer. There was no way I was going to squeeze Anderson's foot in the pair that he wore last year. And Campbell tried on one pair that was too small and one pair, the next size up, that was too large. I wasn't able to find Campbell any that fit her, but Anderson did find a pair.
  • We also had to stop there because the pair of slides that Graham had on disappeared today at Third Realm. I do think that is was just an accident because there was a pair of similar slides near his. His were Nike though so I am not positive on my assumption. Keaton has a really eye catching pair of slides so I do always make sure that she puts them under someone else's shoes. From now on, we will have a bag to put all of our shoes in. Graham was able to find a new pair that he liked, within my budget, so we all left happy.
  • Once at home, showers were started while we worked preparing supper. There were hamburgers, hot dogs, baked potatoes, mac and cheese, corn, and beans. We were working hard on clearing out the fridge just a little bit.
  • We all ate, worked on the kitchen and then everyone finished showers. We eventually ended up all in the living room catching up on our Bates tv shows and eating Little Debbie snacks. 

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