March 16, 2019-Branson Trip 1

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I do believe that hotel sleeping is the best sleeping. Now Anderson told us last night that he didn't like hotel beds. I thought that Robby was going to throw him out of the room. Seriously though, we were both in disbelief at how our child could not like hotel beds-even motel beds.

I guess that just means that the kids' beds are much better than ours. Maybe we love hotel sleeping so much because our bed is pretty sad. If you do remember, the salesperson who sold us our mattress said that it was a good choice for a kid's bed. She quickly changed her story when we told her our budget, and then she highly suggested the kid's bed mattress for us!

I got a bit of track, didn't I? Back to this morning, we slept in a little bit. Then we rushed around to get to breakfast before it closed. We all went together and then ran back to our room to load up and leave. The kids tickle me when we check out of a hotel-it seems that everyone helps check to make sure that we don't leave anything. 

Everyone did help us load up the van, but since we were in a motel there was lots of excitement about pitching our bags from the second floor down to the van below. I am not so sure why this excited the kids so. Robby eventually put a stop to it when he saw his computer backpack hanging over the edge!

From the hotel, we headed on to our final stop in Branson-The Coleman Store. We are pretty consistent at that store. We walk around-touching everything. The kids get in tents, lay on cots and sit in chairs. Then we also almost always buy an ice chest and today was not different. Today's ice chest was bought to store water bottles on a trip. 

Then we headed on towards home. We stopped at our normal rest stop that we always do. It was after the curves so Keaton's tummy was giving her problems. While everyone else ran to go to the bathroom, Keaton and I walked around outside. There was a river behind the gas station so we looked at it for a bit. As soon as she is distracted, she usually perks right up and did today. We then met up with the others in the bathroom to meet up with some folks from home heading to Branson.

We made it to Greenbrier before eating. We stopped at Steak n Shake for our late lunch. The meals were pretty inexpensive so we even had shakes for dessert. They were pretty good-I try to avoid shakes but still had my share as we passed the 3 around taking one bite at a time.

From there, it didn't take too long at all until we were home. Everyone helped unload the car and put away all of our stuff. The neighbors were out so the kids headed out to play and for the most part, they stayed out until Robby called them home for supper.

We heated up all of our leftovers around 7, and then picked up the Wilsons to try out Hurts. Unfortunately, by the time that we finally made it all the way across town, we decided that the line might just be too long to wait. Since there is really no other dessert place around, we ended up at Krispy Kreme. 

We brought our donuts back to eat and it didn't take long for us to demolish 2 dozen donuts. The kids then had some extra energy and ended up back outside playing with the neighbors who were surprisingly still out. 

Once the Wilsons headed home, it was shower time and bedtime for the crew. It was well after 10 before everyone finally laid down here. I think that my crew was pretty tired-or at least I am!

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