March 5, 2019

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  • We started our morning with breakfast in my room while I was reading to everyone. I am not sure how everyone manages to get something different in the mornings but they did this morning. I didn't give them very long to grab their breakfasts so getting such a variety was quite an accomplishment.
  • After our reading, everyone started on their work. For some reason, I was pretty busy this morning and didn't even get my laundry put up until noon.
  • Whitman and Keaton enjoyed listening to a book on tape after their school work was finished. Keaton flies through her work, so I try to give her something extra to do to keep her busy while she waits for lunch.
  • We then ate our lunch quickly and then started reading again. I had a hair appointment this afternoon so I had to hurry out the door to get there in time. While we were working together this afternoon, we did work on a Jr. Ranger book from our last trip. Since we aren't doing the book at the visitor's center, it makes a little bit more difficult to get the right answers. So as I ran out the door, instructing the big 3 to take a page and find the info on the internet while I was gone. 
  • When I came home, Reagan looked at me and said, "you got your hair cut." I reminded her that I had been gone to get my hair cut, but she seemed fuzzy on remembering that I had even left the house. Sometimes I worry about my kids!
  • When Robby came home this evening, we offered to take the kids to Third Realm. Only the little 3 wanted to come with us. Campbell and Keaton had been outside waiting on the neighbors to come out yet they were still working on their school work at 5. 
  • On the way home, we did have to run by the Wilson's house. Whitman had left his shoes there the other night. He had actually left 2 right shoes at their house leaving him only with 2 left shoes here. I figured that we needed to fix this before I let him to go Bible study tomorrow.
  • Once we made it home, the kids started on their showers while Robby and I made supper-waffles, strawberries and sausage. I do think that it was a hit but I still have my pot of taco soup in the fridge. Robby is trying to save Anderson from having to eat it another night. 
  • We watched a few game shows before it was finally time to send the kiddos to bed for the evening. 

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