April 10, 2020

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  • Friday, and what a wonderful Friday this was. I will say that my stomach hasn't been too happy with me today but that is probably because I made Robby and I some cookie dough last night around midnight. But that didn't stop this from being a pretty excellent day.
  • Graham was finished with his school work before I woke up. We did our morning work which didn't take too long-we even watched a video from church real quick. Even though we aren't seeing anyone lately, I do feel like we are having information overload with all of the things available to us. I am thankful for all of them, but my head sometimes spins from zoom meetings and church videos to watch. 
  • By noon we were finished with school work. I did my quick little exercise video, which you have to do if you eat cookie dough so late at night. Then it was time to work on Easter bunny cakes. Graham and Keaton were the ones in charge of this project. 
  • Campbell also needed something to do in the kitchen so she helped boil our eggs for Easter. Now, I remember growing up that I would get to dye 2 dozen eggs myself. My poor kids get about 3 1/2 a piece! 
  • The kids all spent quite a bit of time outside-in and out and in and out. The weather has been perfect for playing outside-it was so perfect that we thought about working in the yard, but opted against it! 
  • Robby left the house today to grab us some food for supper. He also ran by Kroger and picked up a few things. Our supper was delicious though our noodles tonight where more onions and less noodles. That was fine though because we had plenty of other things to devour!
  • After Robby made it home, we ate, and cleaned up, our evening show had already started (The Kingdom) so we had to wait until it was over to watch it again! That was fine since we were able to have our Lord's Supper before it started-we barely made it in time. 
  • We watched the Kingdom and loved every bit of it. At some point during it, I sent Campbell to grab hers and Reagan's baby books so we could see the pictures of them as they were baby Jesus in the show. Graham later grabbed everyone else's so they went down memory lane as we watched.
  • After that show was over, it was pretty much bedtime for everyone....and certainly NOT cookie dough time for me!

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