April 2, 2020-Happy 7th Birthday Whitman!

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  • This morning started with lots of pots and pans banging in the kitchen. Graham and Keaton woke up early to bake Whitman muffins for his birthday breakfast. When the muffins were ready, Graham carried a sleepy Whitman down the stairs to our bedroom. He had already made a comfy spot for him with pillows and blankets. 
  • Whitman was just grinning from ear to ear on his ride into our room. And when we all sang Happy Birthday to him with candles in his muffins, he was over joyed. We then did our morning reading with Whitman picking out the order of what we did.
  • Then everyone started on their day's work. Campbell, Keaton and Graham only had to work with me this morning so they were finished super quickly. Whitman just had fun school today-a map, a maze, graphing with Skittles, and some light reading. Reagan and Anderson were finished later in the morning. I was even able to finish organizing my school room closet. While I was working on the closet, I did find a few other projects to add to my ever growing list.
  • The kids jumped on the trampoline during the lunch time hour. I did call them in around 1 to do some history reading. Then we finally let Whitman open up a few presents. We rarely get the kids birthday presents-our thought is that we fund a birthday party for the kids, so that is our present. 
  • However, we did have a pretty grand gift for Whitman in our attic. We had bought it (on clearance) earlier in the year, and my plan had been to let a grandparent give it to him. Anyway, Whitman was incredibly pleased when he opened up a tent that inflates with a box fan. It didn't take long for us to pull out the fan, and the test was just as neat as it looked. 
  • Keaton and Campbell also had a scavenger hunt for Whitman before he could receive his presents-a kite and a sweatshirt (both of which were sourced from the gift attic!) along with a package of oreos (which he ate all by himself today.)
  • Reagan drove down the road a little ways to drop off a few things. We did meet a trash truck flying down a one lane-ish road. So she did get a lesson in "get over, get over now!" She did just fine though! 
  • When we returned home, Keaton was on a zoom call with her little friends. Then we received a visit from church-Ms. Meryl wrote on our driveway a birthday wish for Whitman. She had hit up 20 houses today to do some chalk art. 
  • We did all leave the house this afternoon to drop off a birthday present for one of the kids' friends. Then we picked up pizza which was Whitman's choice. We haven't had pizza that often, but Robby and I were definitely hoping for something else. Robby did buy a few good pizzas from Paxtons along with some regular ones from somewhere else.
  • This evening we did celebrate Whitman with one more round of candles on his birthday brownies. Campbell had made them for him earlier in the day, and we enjoyed them with ice cream-vanilla which is his favorite. I do think that the birthday boy had a pretty great birthday!

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