April 23, 2020

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  • Today was an exciting day at the Dennie house-we got to leave! The kids started their school work with no problem today. For some reason, Whitman continues to be distracted during the day. He is reading his books longer so that does cut into his school work time. At 5 today, I did let him skip two pages of work (don't worry, I will give them to him next week!)
  • Campbell did sew herself something again today. Some afternoon I probably need to stop and give her some pointers. I hate my sewing machine doesn't really work anymore or I would just set it up for her to let her figure out just what she can do. 
  • Everyone, except slowpoke, finished their school work in plenty of time for our afternoon outing. The doctor's office must have needed business because they called us last week to try to get Anderson to come in for his wellness check up. Robby told them that there were 6, and before we knew it, we were scheduled for lots of wellness check ups.
  • Let's see, here is the run down: Campbell is back on the body mass index curve. She had gotten a bit off of the curve and now is back on the line. Reagan hasn't really grown much, and Dr. Martin just told her she might grow 1-4 more inches...maybe. Keaton did get some more medicine for her arms (an oral antibiotic).
  • And on to the boys: Graham had 3 shots and a blood draw. He did fine though but was just a bit more-well, he was more than a bit nervous. Anderson and Whitman did just fine as well. I don't remember anything really about them-that was probably because I just sat in with the girls while Robby was in the room with the boys.
  • We celebrated the good appointments with Sonic drinks for everyone. Then we ran to the library to pick up some books. My library is now opening up to pick up books so that makes me super happy, and my weekly library trip can be a bit closet to home.
  • This evening was fairly busy-the Wilsons came over to look at Robby's shed. It is getting time to do some major repairs. Then we headed to their house for Robby to help Tony with his collapsed garden project. 
  • The kids played outside all evening long and were a stinky mess when they finally did come in. Everyone had showers while Robby mopped our kitchen floor. It was well past time for that so now it looks super nice!

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