April 20, 2020

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  • School went well. Whitman did take forever, and I had not even given him his math or phonics. He did read an extra long while, but that is a good thing. Tomorrow he will have his normal load so maybe he will move a bit quicker.
  • Lately, there have been all of these fun things free online. I have been trying to do or at least print out everything to do later. I am finding though that I have enough things to fill up the summer...which I may just need to do.
  • After Campbell and Keaton finished their school this morning, they went to town doing a little bit of sewing-they made their own masks. I will say that they both did pretty excellent since I didn't help them at all. Once their masks were made, Campbell even made Whitman a backpack to store his stuff in. I ended up having to sew on the straps, but again I might just need to sign them up for sewing classes.
  • We did our afternoon reading then the kids went their own ways-Reagan headed to her room. Campbell made a tiny cake and zoomed her friends. Keaton played on her ipad. Whitman played on his ipad, and we read some together. Anderson and Graham played on the xbox some.
  • Anderson and I did build another tiny Lego set today. We are zooming through those sets. Unfortunately though, we will need this quarantine to last about 2 more years to get them all finished! Graham, Anderson, Robby and I did play a quick little basketball game before Robby and I took a short little walk.
  • Campbell, Keaton and Whitman started off playing basketball with us, but soon left to play with the neighbors. They spent a lot of time playing capture the flag and must have had a good time since they were outside until almost dark.
  • Reagan and I had her Bible study tonight. The videos are super awesome, and I should probably be taking notes on them. Afterwards, we ate our suppers-bbq tonight. Then the kids started cycling through the showers. 
  • Whitman and I finished one of his books from today. Sara dropped off 14 books for us so pretty much everyone is reading them right now. Right before bed there was a feisty round or two of Nertz. I was the big winner, but just by a bit-Reagan is a fierce opponent. 

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