April 12, 2020-Happy Easter!

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  • The year that I had the chicken pox when I was a little girl was the last time that I missed an Easter Sunday. I stayed with Beebee and Papaw while they were preparing lunch while everyone else was at church. This was also the year that Nonna had made a chocolate Easter bunny cake. 
  • I am sure that this Easter will be etched in my kids memories just as that one is in mine. Robby and I just were talking that we have missed more church at Geyer this year than we have missed in our lives. With our Florida February along with Covid 19, we have been out of church at Geyer now 9 weeks. We were thankful that we did go to church in Florida (and am still faithfully watching their services) and are so thankful that we can watch our church each Sunday now on the computer.
  • We opted to watch the 11'o'clock service which meant we didn't have to move too quickly this morning. After watching church, we did pass out Easter baskets. 
  • The kids were very gracious even though the baskets were less filled than usual-they did have a some candy, some money and some Disney pins (which would be much more exciting if we were actually getting to go to Disney soon). I did promise them that soon I would buy those needing undies and socks some which is usually in their baskets along with some individual bottles of orange juice and zebra cakes which are always in their baskets. (Now we could have bought those but did forget about them until it was too late.)
  • Once the baskets were passed out, Robby and I worked on lunch-ham, green beans, mashed potatoes, biscuits along with chocolate cake. The biscuits were a new recipe which was a hit. And yes, we didn't have a bunny cake here, but we did have a delicious chocolate cake made by Graham, Keaton and Campbell.
  • Since half the crew still had on their pajamas, our Easter picture from today was just around the dinner table. After we ate, it was time for the grand Easter egg hunt. After raining all morning long, the sun had just come out, but it was just not dry enough at all for the eggs to be outside. So we had to hide the eggs in the house. This was not nearly as much fun, but everyone still enjoyed it.
  • After the eggs were all found (Who am I kidding, we will be finding eggs in the house for days to come.), the kids moved on to their annual bartering. Usually Lily and Cash are there to add to the excitement. Reagan sold most of her candy to get money that was in some eggs. Whitman tried to get as many Skittles as possible. 
  • We had a few confetti eggs from last years' Easter sales. The driveway was dryish so the kids enjoyed smashing the eggs everywhere making a mess! We blew the driveway off as Robby rolled up his water hose from yesterday's leaf burning.
  • Then it was nap time/sermon watching time. I did see some of Franklin Graham before going to sleep. I then woke up to the Sight and Sound Theater presenting Jesus. We watched that until it was time to stop to watch Jon and the church choir sing some oldies and goodies. Then it was back to finish the Jesus show. 
  • Now, we probably should have dyed our Easter eggs today, but just as I kind of thought about it, some people went to the trampoline for a bit. They didn't stay long because it was almost dark and started to rain. They did make it in before the storm hit-we were expecting a bit worse of a storm. Robby however did jinx the storm since he started his generator this morning. 
  • We watched one last tv special before it was eventually bedtime. Reagan did suggest that we not do school tomorrow and continue our Easter celebration. I assured her that we would continue our Easter celebration next Sunday. 

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