April 17, 2020

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  • I slept in a little late this morning. We still started our work together just about 15 minutes later than usual. The kids didn't mind at all since most of them also slept late. Graham was frustrated that he just woke up at 8:30 this morning. He likes to finish his work early and is not a fan of sleeping in late.
  • After the kids finished up the work this morning, I worked on pulling out work for next week. All 4 big kids have a writing program, that we probably go a bit too slow through, so it takes a while. Campbell is finished with hers but the three bigs have about 4 to 5 weeks left on theirs. This afternoon I talked to Graham about possibly speeding his up and doing more so he could finish. Our work loads will definitely lighten in May, but the writing is one thing I really, really want to finish.
  • Whitman was again slow with his work today. I want him to just sit and finish it, but it does work for him to do some and then come back to it-I guess that is a benefit of homeschooling. He wouldn't survive in a class room at all. 
  • Whitman, Campbell, Keaton and Graham have spent most of the afternoon outside. Graham is the one who goes out for a bit and then back in for a bit. The girls saw the neighbors and rode their bikes some. 
  • At one point, Campbell and Keaton came bursting in the house to tell us that Whitman rode his bike all the way to Dakota's house. So far Whitman has only been riding on the grass, downhill, and with help to get started so that was a bit accomplishment. Campbell and Keaton were more excited to tell us than Whitman. It was so sweet.
  • When Robby was finished with work, we made a new cookie recipe from the Double Tree hotel. We doubled the recipe and then got pretty tickled when we saw that the cookies had to bake for about 23 minutes. We didn't plan to be baking cookies all evening long! That was fine though because the cookies were definitely pretty good.
  • Robby did leave the house again today to pick up our supper. He bought Papa Johns for the kids and On the Border for us. Our Mexican was very good-though I was pretty full with cookies!
  • The girls did some drawing tonight, and they are currently hooked on a tv show so they spent a lot of time binge watching it. There was also some time to lay around covered up in my cozy blanket-it is cold out there!

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