April 11, 2020

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  • Whitman was the first one in our room this morning. Anderson was still asleep when he woke up, but Graham was up. However, Graham was not in the living room but the bonus room, so the living room lights were off. Of course, Whitman was not step foot in there without someone else in there so he came to our room.
  • I had already planned ahead and set out Whitman's marble track along with the new piece that he had ordered with Dana's birthday money. The new set came in the mail yesterday, and I held it back for this morning. I even told the early risers where it all was so they could help him find it in the morning-but since no one was around, those plans backfired.
  • It was fine though to wake up because Robby had told the kids that after 4 weeks he would go and get donuts. He had just joked about "4 weeks" but they have been counting down the weeks so this was indeed doughnut day. 
  • We like Shipleys, and since he wanted a drive through he went to our old stomping grounds. After I had folded the laundry, read my phone and almost fell back asleep, I realized the he should be home by then. I tracked him to see that he had been in the same parking lot for over 20 minutes. I text-no reply, so I quickly called. He answered and was still waiting on his donuts. He waited forever for last nights food and after waiting too today, he said that he thinks he is jinxed.
  • As soon as we all ate the doughnut, Keaton and Graham went to work in the kitchen. Campbell also helped some-I tried to just let Keaton and Graham work since this was their idea, and they wanted to do it by themselves. I also had to find things for Campbell to do so she could feel apart. 
  • The decorated two bunny cakes for the grandparents, made icing and iced our cake for lunch. They did great and worked together so well-but the kitchen was absolutely destroyed. For example at one point there was cocoa powder foot prints around the kitchen along with a puddle of milk. It was a mess! They did work with me to clean it up and soon it was back to normal.
  • I then joined Robby outside-he was working in the yard. He finished mowing the back lot and started blowing leaves. We were able to move all of the leaves right behind the house. We actually put them in the septic tank holes in the lot behind us. Then we worked on the leaves beside the kitchen window which led to the leaves by the playground (only some of them) which led to the leaves by the trampoline. 
  • Writing all of that didn't take very long, but it took us all of the morning and most of the afternoon. Keaton, Campbell and Whitman were out the whole time that we were. Whitman enjoyed playing in a pile of dirt. Keaton did go in to make everyone sandwiches for lunch. 
  • The yard looks really, really good. We still have lots of leaves to pick up but we sure made a dent in it today. Around 2, I left with Reagan and Keaton to deliver bunny cakes.  Reagan first drove us to Nonna's house. I do believe that she feels comfortable driving over there.
  • We dropped off their cake and they had candy for the kids' Easter. Then I convinced Reagan to drive to Grannymom's house. She wasn't looking forward to that-the interstate, but she did great. 
  • At Grannymom's house we dropped off their cake, and she also had candy for the kids' Easter. That is a good thing, because Easter baskets are going to be light this year since I haven't been able to do much shopping.
  • From Grannymom's house, I drove us to the library. I offered to let Reagan drive, but she had had enough for the day. We picked up some books-I tell you, getting library books these days is like getting Christmas presents. I was super happy about our books-these are ones that I had requested before all of this started and they came to my library branch. This week they called and asked if I wanted to move them to another branch to pick them up.
  • We made it back home just as the rain started to fall. Robby had been burning so that ended his job, and he headed inside. The girls did not head inside and the boys even went outside. They all did come in soaking wet and all headed straight to the showers.
  • For supper, we were able to heat up yesterday's supper plus some other leftovers. Then we ran to the Wilson's for a few minutes. Shannon needed someone to eat their cookies, and we were happy to oblige. 
  • Once we were home, the kids had a few minutes to play on their devices before it was bedtime for the crew!

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