April 7, 2020

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  • Another school day around here. No one really complains about their school right now. The kids are just plugging along-right now at almost 8, two kids are sitting in the floor working on their school right now. 
  • Whitman has been doing pretty well on his school-if I could just figure out how to improve his handwriting! Right now we are reading about Hitler and World War 2 in history so it is pretty interesting to the boys and me. 
  • After school was over today, I was able to do my exercise video. I am not too sure that I like doing an exercise video which is odd because I don't really like the treadmill either. I did play basketball with most folks after supper tonight so I guess that does count as a little bit of exercise.
  • The big activity this afternoon was organizing the kids bathroom cabinet...which is out of toilet paper! Thankfully, we do have some extra in other cabinets but will need to buy some before this pandemic is over!
  • I also worked on changing the kids shoes over from winter to summer. There isn't a lot of changing to do but I did move all of the girls' boots out of my closet which helped clear out my space some. 
  • Robby and I did take an outing today to pick up some pictures (non essential item we know) and to pick up some supper (essential). Robby did see a man walk out of Walgreens with a buggy full of beer without paying. Strange times!
  • Everyone was super happy to have the new Chick Fil A copycat sauce from Kroger. We must about finished half of the bottle. It is the little things! Then we did have our almost daily basketball game outside. The pollen seems to be crazy here right now-Campbell and Keaton don't seem to mind, but goodness it makes my eyes itch!
  • Tonight most of us are watching a Netflix movie about Brandon Burrelsworth. I am sure that the next thing will be a snack or two for the crew before bedtime!

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