April 3, 2020

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  • The first thing Robby said to me this morning was that I was a good sleeper. That I sure am! I still managed to get our school going in plenty of time. We did our morning reading followed by some together work. 
  • I know that I have said it before, but I sure am missing our library right now. I didn't have that many collected from after our trip, and we have quickly gone through them with only about 2 more to read. Some library branches are starting to do pick up so maybe ours will be soon.
  • We didn't finish school as early this morning. That was probably because I had to help lots of folks with the computer math. Our new computer math system is working well-and we just may do it all summer long!
  • The few things that we did accomplish today was finishing the girls' closet. It is now nice and neat which seems to be a miracle-it won't last because I have two girls that can't seem to pick up anything right now!
  • I did my exercise video today-that is a new thing. Plus there was some afternoon basketball along with some Lego building. I tried to convince Reagan to do a little bit of driving, but she didn't want to. Tomorrow though there will be driving.
  • Campbell spent lots of time with her friends on zoom. Her and Keaton also chatted with their friends on the phones for a long time. And pretty much everyone ran from the trampoline and back to the house a zillion times.
  • The morning even started with a challenge of Graham, Campbell, Keaton and Whitman trying to stay in Whitman's new tent as long as he could. This did mean that the kids woke up early to do their school work-I could even hear them helping Whitman get through all of his work. When they finished school, they ran up to get in the tent and stay there as long as they could. They stayed until almost lunch before leaving their tent and abandoning their challenge.
  • Supper tonight was just leftovers-the fridge is now fairly empty. We did end our evening with another tiny birthday celebration for Whitman-a family movie night to watching Onward complete with candy and popcorn.

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