April 28, 2020

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  • Today was pretty busy-well, busy for our little quarantine life right now. We started off the morning with our school work. Poor Whitman was doing well on his school, until he realized his sisters were already outside.
  • I handed him 3 more pages, and he sped through them so he could join him. That left 3 more things to do when he came in. I think that Graham or possibly Keaton, or really probably both of them, helped him finish.
  • We had our lunches, and I did some more filling holes in the girls room. If I keep it up, there walls will be all white, and we won't even have to paint. The other day, Graham was so proud to show me the proper way to do it-last year, the boys had a class that taught them all kinds of manly things like that!
  • Around 1, Nonna and Pops came over bringing 2 pans of cookies. By the time that they left, there were only 5 cookies left. I guess that my people were hungry. Nonna and Pops stayed for a bit outside watching everyone run around on the driveway. People were biking, playing basketball and scootering everywhere.
  • When they left, I did gather the crew to do some school reading for a few minutes. We read our history and watched a few videos before calling it a day.
  • Then it was time for us to try again to head to church to drop off my postcards. We started the silly car and heard a new sound. Reagan and I heard it-Robby was in the garage and heard it too. We looked and just as soon as we grew concerned the sound stopped. Robby drove around the block; we guessed it was fine and Reagan and I headed on. 
  • Now, I was beginning to think that Reagan was jinxed after we couldn't get to church yesterday because of the wreck. Thankfully, we made it just fine even with a stop at the library first. Reagan drove there and did a great job. 
  • We then met Robby at Kroger-I told Reagan that I would drive. She probably could have done it just fine, but when I think of I-30, I get a bit nervous. The traffic wasn't bad so she could have done it.
  • After getting gas, Robby and Reagan headed to Sonic, and I headed to Kroger for a few essentials. While Robby was at Sonic, he saw his car fixing place and decided that he might should drop off his car. So I picked them up when I was done shopping.
  • We all headed home-Anderson and I did a bit of Lego building. Then I played some basketball with most everyone. Whitman really played hard today since we had told him that if he hit the rim, he would get a point. I do believe that my team let him make the last winning point with a rim shot.
  • The Wilsons came over next. We walked three  miles up and down our street with them. Surprisingly, our little route up and down our street is almost a mile. Soon we were finished walking and headed in for suppe.
  • Graham had found a recipe for little biscuit pizzas. I made sure that he had the ingredients, and he could not wait to make them. They were indeed pretty good. He made 2 pans full, and we ate every one. 
  • After supper, some kids had showers. Afterwards, most of us played a game of Left, Right, Center. Then we watched a quick Bates tv show before bedtime. 

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