April 9, 2020

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  • School today was the same as usual-more interesting history reading. Keaton was the one finishing her English today. Tomorrow it will be Campbell finishing her English. It probably does help that we are doing more school these days.
  • Most of Whitman's school day was done with the caterpillar sitting beside him on the floor. This made me incredibly nervous because I sure don't want caterpillar all over my carpet! The caterpillar "survived"-by the end of the day when he was released he wasn't moving to swiftly. 
  • Around lunch time, the kids all made their lunches-most people opted for smoothies. I told them that they could certainly make one as long as they cleaned up better than yesterday. They did and the kitchen was only mildly disastrous!
  • Reagan did drive me over to the Crafts today so we could put a little bag on their gate for them. The girls had made cards, and I just decided that instead of using stamps, we would just drive over there. Reagan enjoyed the practice-she did great.
  • I worked on the flower beds for a little bit this afternoon. Robby did some mowing and the kids played outside-Campbell and Keaton spent most of their time playing in the water. 
  • There was legoing today, driving today, basketballing today and even some baking today. It was another busy day around here. We had spaghetti for supper fairly late tonight. Then I had a long zoom meeting with my Bible study class.
  • We did have time to squeeze in a tv show before it was finally bedtime. I am still working on what my snack will be tonight-there aren't that many choices any more!

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