April 29, 2020

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  • With all of these Wednesday school days that we are racking up, we are getting lots of extra school days this year-well, it is probably just making up for our Florida February. We had to do our together work fairly quickly today since Reagan had her last CBS zoom meeting. 
  • Everyone finished surprisingly early today (Well, except for Whitman who didn't finish early, but finished not a bit surprisingly at all well into the afternoon.) Robby ate lunch about 11:45 today since he didn't have breakfast. I walked through and thought his lunch smelt exceptionally well so I heated myself up some of the leftovers.
  • I guess this kitchen commotion caused everyone else to start making their lunches before noon. It wouldn't really be that early except we don't usually eat our lunches until 12:30 or even later. This early lunch caused the afternoon to be super long for me at least!
  • I worked on the girls' room some-so, so many holes. Then we did our afternoon work together-about 30 minutes earlier than usual. After that, everyone painted a few cards because a friend is taking about 250 cards to a local nursing home place.
  • I bounced back and forth during the afternoon between inside and outside. I picked up Robby's roofing outside-nails everywhere. Then there was a short basketball game outside. I am not even sure if my team won or not. 
  • After the game, Campbell, Keaton and Graham made a batch of cookie dough for their snack. Unfortunately, it wasn't that great. Keaton always finds pinterest recipes, and they aren't always that great. Now, I do actually have a cookie dough cookbook from the library on my nightstand right now. However, I don't have the energy to pasteurize my eggs and to cook my flour before making cookie dough. (They say the uncooked flour is what make people sick and not eggs. Who knew?)
  • Robby and I ran to meet everyone else in Little Rock at Lowe's. The plan was to buy a few boards for his project, but instead we bought a few cans of paint for my project. Since we were out and about at supper time, we did grab a few pizzas for supper.
  • We made it home just in time for Graham to have a few pieces before the first week of his Zoom Bible study. A few minutes later, Reagan and Anderson started their facebook Bible study. 
  • I had a few minutes of downtime before I had to leave for my evening out-6 feet of separation-with a few friends around a campfire. I stayed out way too late, but the kids also stayed out pretty late themselves. The kids played with the neighbors all evening long-they did have lots of fun playing in the dark.
  • When I did come home, the kids were all in bed and I followed soon!

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