April 8, 2020

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  • We woke up this morning almost at 7 with Whitman standing by my bedside. He told me that he had good news and bad news. I reached out and felt his wet pants and guessed the bad news. Then he proceeded to tell me the good news-he lost his second tooth.
  • That silly tooth was just hanging by a thread yesterday. You can't really even tell a differences because his permanent tooth is pretty much completely in already. I even tried to grab his tooth yesterday, but it was just so tiny and slippery that I could never pull it (of course the whole time I was reassuring him that I was not going to pull it.)
  • Once he had on dry pjs, which is all that he wears now, Whitman did lay back in the bed with us He was wide awake, but wouldn't leave our room until he heard his brothers awake and downstairs. Somehow our room is safe to come to, but he will not venture in the living room alone for anything. If he has to go to our closet for any reason no matter than time of the day, he will slowly flip on every single light switch on the way.
  • Whitman was the only one who finished any piece of school today-he finished his English book, so that makes me super happy. Right this second he is petting, a little too roughly, saying, "I believe that he is asleep." Bless it!
  • Pretty much the entire day, people have been in and out of the house over and over again. I have tried to keep the pollen swept out by the doors, but it is a losing battle. The girls are enjoying the swing more this week. And Anderson and Graham played outside for about 3 hours this afternoon. They were sweaty messes when they came in.
  • Reagan did drive all the way to Otter Creek today to deliver some clothes. She did really well for which I am thankful. I think that her confidence is improving, but when she didn't know where we were going, she wanted to make it clear that she did not want to go through an "intersection." I think going to a green light has her spooked! Meanwhile, I breathe a sigh of relief when I come to a light!
  • There were lots of zoom calls today-Reagan had her Bible study meeting this morning with her CBS folks, Keaton chatted with her friends and Campbell talked with her friends also this afternoon. Plus there have been lots of new things to watch-Reagan and Anderson had their Wednesday night service online. Robby and I just finished watching Jon and others sing some hymns. 
  • You would think that we would have a lot more time these days since we are home all the time, but we are just barely getting everything done these days. I did find time to walk on the treadmill some-I guess I haven't done that in a few days because I was interrupted about 1299 times. I was needed to find a container for the caterpillar, to cut out the shape of bunny out of fabric and to stop a brother being so loud his sister couldn't hear her zoom call! I survived though (so did the kids) and was able to finish my walk.
  • Robby made pizza for supper. We just made two and even had some leftover until about 10 minutes after supper when Whitman looked at me and said that he was hungry-I promptly found him some more pizza to eat. The kids all ran through the showers tonight before bed-all my ice cream is gone so I am not too sure what my snack will be tonight. I have decided that all people in quarantine deserve a snack every single night.

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