April 27, 2020

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  • The highlight this Monday morning was watching the churches plans for this summer. As imagined, there will be no camps. However, they do have some things planned for the summer. We shall see what actually happens though. 
  • We started on our school work fairly early. Most everyone seemed to zoom through it. Whitman some how ended up with about 4 things left over. I did get him to do one extra later in the afternoon. The neighbors came out so I did let him go play instead of school work-life's short.
  • At lunch, Reagan, Graham and I headed to church to drop off some letters for my Sunday school kids. Reagan drove and about half way there, there was a wreck. We had to turn around so we just headed on home. It was a good learning experience for her though-we will try again tomorrow or another day this week.
  • Grandpa came over to pick up a bike to work on. Right now we have about 3 people that all want to ride the same bike, so hopefully his fix will alleviate some of that pressure. Now, if my youngest two girls don't start picking up after themselves, there will not be any bike riding or even room leaving for them. They can't seem to pick anything up which is making Robby and me a bit crazy!
  • I worked on Legos for a few minutes with Anderson. Then I joined Robby in the back yard on the shed work. I just haul the things that I can carry to the trash pile while also looking for nails. And gracious, the nails!
  • Robby and I did run to Arbys to buy a few roast beef sandwiches for a dollar tonight. Okay, we did buy more than a few-let's just say we all had one and some had two plus there are about 2 and a half left in the fridge. 
  • I did run into the store for a few necessities-biscuits and pepperoni where high on Graham's list for me to get. He plans on making lunch soon for the crowd. I'm all for that!
  • Whitman, Keaton and Campbell were in and out all afternoon and early evening. They did drag two garden hoses from the neighbors over to our house to play in the water. Thankfully, they ended up cleaner than they were yesterday when they weren't even playing in the water. Or maybe that also played in the water yesterday. I can't even remember now-I just know that people seem to be muddy and wet all the time these days and my washing machine can just not keep up!
  • Reagan and I had her Bible study tonight. During the video that we are playing for everyone, our internet dropped us. So they were just all staring at each other waiting for us to rejoin. Then the leader's internet slowed down and she was left talking in slow motion. It was crazy times!
  • It was nice to sit down for a little bit and have some downtime tonight before it was finally bedtime for the crew!...and maybe ice cream time for us!

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