April 15, 2020

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  • Hmm, I don't really remember this morning. I am not sure if I should be concerned about that or not. It was a fairly normal morning-oh, yes, I did wake right up at 7:30 thinking that it was time to start school. Thankfully, I was an hour off! So I had a little bit more snooze time.
  • I kind of flew through our together work this morning because Reagan had her Bible study (CBS this time) zoom meeting at 9:30. I made sure that we were done in time for her to get upstairs and at least brush her teeth before it started. 
  • Whitman took forever on his school today, but who did not? Anderson! Campbell, Keaton and Graham are usually finished there days before I am out of bed, but Anderson-that was the shocker! 
  • The reason for this was the xbox. Their xbox died a few days ago and a new one came in the mail yesterday. The xbox was on all last night downloading things in our bedroom since it is closest to the internet. They were anxious to play their new game and make up for some last xbox time.
  • Of course, I do all of my school work in my bedroom sitting right in front of the tv. The boys made sure that I could move so I migrated to the hallway to work with everyone. During different seasons we have done school at different places-one year I did most of it sitting on my bed, another time I have sat in the hallway so I could keep my eye on everyone, but lately for a long while, I have been working in my bedroom. 
  • Since everyone had finished early, it just left me waiting on Reagan to finish up since she got a late start due to her Bible study and then trying to get Whitman to focus on his work. The boy has just learn to tie a shoe plus carry numbers in math-pretty impressive.
  • After our lunch, there was a ping pong tournament with Graham, Anderson, Campbell, Keaton and me. Graham was the all time winner with Anderson in second place. By the time that we finished, Whitman came on the scene and wanted to play some. Bless, ping pong is not yet one of his skills.
  • Soon after this was over, Campbell made some peanut butter cookies for us to enjoy this evening. The kids spent some time outside. It is kind of funny because they have all really been riding bikes lately. All of our bikes right now just really need to be replaced so Keaton rides one too big and Campbell rides one too small. I did make them stop riding the one that had no brakes!
  • Robby made spaghetti for supper tonight. We watched it as we watched Reagan and Anderson's church video from the youth. The spaghetti was delicious-I do think that we could eat it almost weekly. 
  • After supper, we munched on Campbell's cookies. The kids did go out one last time as the Kamps returned a school book. They rode their bikes some more and then had showers before it was finally bedtime. 

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