April 22, 2020

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  • I so love rainy days. Now, Graham does not love them at all because he can't go out to play basketball which makes him a bit anxious, but I love them. And really, I think that everyone else was pretty content on this perfectly rainy day.
  • Graham did offer to make muffins this morning. He probably should have started about 10 minutes early since it interfered with our work together time, but we were able to pause to grab some muffins during our reading. 
  • Surprisingly, all of my people that usually finish school early didn't today, so I grabbed Whitman and worked with him first. He loves to work with me since it isn't any of his real school work. 
  • By the time that we finished, the others were starting to need my help or finish. Reagan had her Bible study zoom call this morning. Tonight she was talking and I think that she is just about zoomed out. 
  • Pretty much all of school was finished by noon. We ate and had some downtime before we again did some history reading. Then most of us played a game pretty quick. Reagan opted to skip the game so she did a bit of extra cabinet rearranging for me. 
  • Then Anderson and I went to town on some of his Legos. We were so gung ho to get started today, but gracious, we had a hard time finding pieces and are going to have to send off for some. That is pretty frustrating. 
  • We finished just as Robby came home with a car load of groceries. It was raining like crazy once at home, and I was worried that he was going to be soaked. Thankfully, he didn't get too wet. 
  • This afternoon was fairly slows. Keaton had a zoom call with her buddies, and Campbell talked to her friends as she did some sewing. I even had little bit of a nap this afternoon. I did throw some potatoes in the oven so that is what we had for supper along with bbq sandwiches for some and homemade ranch dip for Anderson. (It wasn't really that homemade, but it was kind of homemade!)
  • After supper, Reagan and Anderson watched their youth group on the tv and I worked on notes for my Sunday school kids. The kids cycled through the showers during this time as well. 
  • Robby and I did leave our chairs briefly to make some chocolate chip cookies. The recipe says you are to bake the cookies at 300 degrees for 22 minutes. Who has ever heard of a cookie baking for 22 minutes? This is when you need a double oven. My oven cooks slow as it is! Ha, the kids' snack will be ready a bit past bedtime!

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