April 14, 2020

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  • I dreamed crazy all night last night. It wasn't even because we had some good dessert before bed since we didn't eat anything...or did we have ice cream. I am not really too sure-all the days seem to run together.
  • I gathered the people, and we did our morning work in my bedroom. Then it was time to start on the individual work for the morning. I usually work with Graham first because he is usually finished with his work. Today he still had some to go, so I opted to work with Keaton first.
  • She has finished all of the things that she has to do with me, so we just had to check her math and phonics along with helping her some with Bible study. Second grade is when the CBS kids move up to a real weekly Bible study. Keaton usually does good, but it does seem to get progressively more difficult. I am not looking forward to Whitman starting the Bible study books next year-though he is ready for it.
  • For some reason, I was behind a little bit today-didn't even get to unloading the dishwasher until after lunch...and by that time, the kids had already loaded it up with dirty dishes as well. Ha! 
  • This afternoon we did play a game of basketball outside. Graham was a little too intent on winning so he did miss the end of the game. Everyone else had fun despite the chilly weather outside.
  • Reagan worked most of the afternoon on making vanilla cupcakes with strawberry icing. We bought her fresh strawberries for this activity. I haven't had one yet, but I do know that the icing is going to be delicious-if you put enough powdered sugar in anything, it will be good.
  • The kids spent a good deal of the evening outside-there was trampolining and bike riding. They did come in briefly for supper which was again clean out the fridge night. It looks like we still have one more night of leftover suppering!
  • After people came inside it was shower time for all-it doesn't take long outside for the kids to get pretty stinky! Once the kids were all showered, it was finally time for those strawberry cupcakes!

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