April 26, 2020

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  • Whelp, this was our 12th week to not be at church at Geyer. Five due to Disney and seven because of Covid. We definitely do miss going to worship at the church house. However, we are pretty grateful to be able to watch on the tv. 
  • I was up early enough this morning to brown some hamburger meat before the church preshow started. I had intended to fold the laundry as well, but since it took me three trips to get the laundry out of the dryer, I decided that it was too much to fold then.
  • It is pretty sweet to see all of the people huddled around the tv, covered in their blankets watching the church. Once church was over, Robby and I did something naughty-we skipped our Sunday school zoom. We haven't missed a class yet, so it was okay.
  • Robby ran to Grannymom's house to pick up some tools for today's shed job. Then he also made a quick trip to Lowe's. He said that Lowe's was crazy full of people. While he was gone, Anderson and I worked on some Legos.
  • Then I went to town making our Sunday lunch. It was basically a mac and cheese dish with some taco meat and rotel in it. Keaton was pretty adamant that our meal was "not a keeper." I thought that it was actually pretty good-warm, spicy food. Robby agreed, but I am not sure if the thumbs up were greater than the thumbs down. I still may try it again another time and change a few things up.
  • When the kitchen was clean, we all headed outside. We emptied the shed-moving things to the trash pile and to the keep pile. Robby worked on taking off half of the roof and was able to complete that task. 
  • Part of the kids spent their time this afternoon cleaning things from the shed. This involved water and soap-and you can imagine how it ended! Whitman, Campbell and Graham were soaking wet and had the time of their lives. 
  • It took a while and we still have a few more things to empty out-bricks and shelves mostly. When we started to clean up, I went to town trying to find nails. The magnetic picker upper thing found at least 50 on the ground. Every time I would make a pass I would keep finding more. All of those nails have to be up since bikes and tractors are all over near that shed. That maybe some chores this week-nail hunting.
  • Anderson and Graham took about 4 more loads of dirt from the neighbors to the mud pile hole. The hole is just about filled. It is going to look nice without water sitting in it. Anderson was sweating buckets and Graham was covered in mud when they finished. 
  • We soon came in and were clean just in time for the churches choir sing along tonight. The kids were in a bit, then they quickly went outside. All of the neighbors were out so most of the evening was spent playing outside. 
  • The kids were out late, but when they did come in, Campbell called me to come and help Whitman. She was trying to clean his feet with a towel outside. When I looked at him, I couldn't tell if he had on shoes or if his feet were just that dirty. Indeed, they were just that dirty. The boy was covered in mud! He was thrown into the shower once again!

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