April 21, 2020

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  • When Robby woke up today, he asked me if I had set my alarm. That did cause me to jerk my head to look at the clock. I guess that he had forgotten that I now just set my alarm for about 5 minutes before I want to start school. 
  • In the morning, I grab the laundry, brush my teeth, put on my day pajamas, put in my contacts and go upstairs to wake up the still sleeping kids. And if I am lucky, I also have time to empty some or all of the dishwasher. Now, of course this takes a little bit longer than 5 minutes, but really who is counting? We have all day long!
  • We did our school this morning. At one time I had 4 people sitting around me-it was just wonderful and pretty chaotic. Everyone was needing help on their computer math. We need lots of practice on that so that will be one thing that we will get to spend some extra time this summer.
  • Everyone was finished with their school in a decent time this morning. We had our lunches, and then did our afternoon reading. This is Tuesday, at least I think that it is, so we did a few extra chores. Robby took that potties and cleaned them well-my usual cleaners aren't that thorough. The house looks decent enough right now. I did think that we might should do some extra cleaning when it is time to finally leave this house.
  • Reagan and I drove to Nonna's house to pick up some mail from their house-a few Lego pieces. Then she drove on to the church house for me to pick up some postcards for my Sunday school class. She even drove home which was a bit more interesting. She did miss a yield which was fine (that time!), almost didn't see a car while turning on our street (it is a bad spot), and was almost attacked by a massive bird (she did great and didn't swerve-meanwhile I screamed!)
  • Anderson and I worked on his Lego set with the new pieces today. We were moving along pretty well, but after 30 minutes Anderson was ready to move on to the next thing. I was ready to finish, but maybe tomorrow.
  • When the Legos were over, I went out to play basketball with both big boys. We played until Robby had everything ready for our leaf raking evening. We did a bit of raking. The boys did some tractor driving and leaf pulling (hauling those tarps to the burn piles). 
  • Meanwhile, Campbell and Keaton spent all afternoon outside. They went out at 2 and came in after the rest of us did. They helped the neighbors work in their garden and came home filthy-filthy but with 5 dollars.
  • When Robby and I finished, we did our short evening walk before deciding to try to start my car. We filled my car up with gas about 6 weeks ago when we were about to leave on a trip. And since we haven't really been anywhere since, it is still full to the brim which means that we haven't driven it at all. 
  • I prefer to drive my car, but Reagan usually drives when I go somewhere so we take Robbys. And when Robby runs his errands, he takes his car so no one is driving my car. Which shows! It didn't even turn over today. It took a bit of jumping from Robby's car plus he used another jumper briefly.
  • When the car did start, we decided to drive it around some...and guess where that car drove? To Sonic. It remembered the way and everything. Robby had a pretzel, mozzarella sticks and a drink while I had some ice cream. It was worth it and yes, Sonic ice cream still does not sit too well with me! 
  • Once home, we heated up lots of leftovers for the kids since we weren't hungry. Then the kids rotates through the showers before it was time for bed. Campbell and Keaton did watch one little show. We have no real plans for tomorrow so who knows what we will end up doing...maybe watching the rain! Oh, I love the rain!

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