April 25, 2020

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  • Even though we didn't get an early start to the day, we sure did have a busy day around here. Before we even woke up, Keaton and Whitman came into our room asking if they could make muffins. I tried to stay awake knowing that they would need me to do something. I waited and waited and soon the muffins were out of the oven. I am sure that they had help at least getting down the muffin liners or even taking them out of the oven, but I sure am proud of them.
  • I started on the laundry this morning-today has been a three load day. Then I ended up working on Lego's with Anderson. I used to kind of dread this, but have lately grown to really enjoy it. I even worked with him to finish two different little sets today. 
  • Robby worked on the dishes and the kitchen this morning as I finished our Legos. Then we decided to take a short walk. We did our little walk around the block. Afterwards, I played a short game of basketball with Anderson, Graham, Campbell and Keaton. Bless it-some days Graham takes the basketball game way too seriously, and today was one of those days. He dies not yet understand that there is no prize to our daily basketball games.
  • Grannymom and Grandpa came over this afternoon to drop off some dessert. We dug into it and nearly ate half before they even left. Whitman was happy to show off his bike riding skills to Grannymom. Grandpa helped Robby find a bolt for the swing set.
  • When they left, I helped Robby tighten that bolt. As we were doing that, we decided that we needed to get zip ties for the trampoline-there is one lose little piece. On our way to get the zip ties in the garage, Robby ended up trying to take of the roof of the shed.
  • Needless to say, it was about 3 hours later when we finally ended up with the zip ties on the trampoline. It took a while, but Robby was able to knock one of the 24 pieces off of the roof. He even, against better judgement, spent some time on the roof tearing off the shingles. That was pretty messy. Now, he is going to get a better ladder and a crow bar for Grandpa so hopefully that will help greatly with his demo project.
  • While we were working on that, the boys started moving dirt from the neighbors failed perk tests to our dirt pile which has become a dirt hole. They worked and worked and worked-Robby eventually let them use his tractor and wagon to haul dirt. They need another day or two of hauling dirt, but that hole will soon be filled.
  • Robby headed off to pick up supper-Dickey's burgers for some and ChickFilA for others. And can you believe that ChickFilA forgot our sauce? They never mess anything up. Now, my burger was delicious-absolutely delicious. I loved every bite.
  • Tony came over for more shed talk which led to hardwood floor talk, which led to kitchen cabinet talk! We spent about 50 thousand in our minds tonight-that was probably more fun than actually spending the money.
  • Once again, we did party to late tonight and ended up getting the kids to bed way too late. That was fine though because it is still the weekend, and church doesn't start until 9:20!

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