April 24, 2020

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  • I slept in a little bit this morning causing us to start school a few minutes later than usual. That was fine with me since it is Friday after all. We weren't able to do all of our normal work together work but did finish most of it.
  • Graham was finished with his school work early today-so early that I have started given chores for my people that finish early. No
  •  one really minds since my little extra chores aren't that hard-do the windows and clean the pantry door were some of today's chores.
  • Whitman was still running behind today but Graham helped his finish up this afternoon. Graham and Whitman spent a good bit of the afternoon working on a massive fort in the bonus room. Keaton is also going to sleep up there with them so they even made her a spot.
  • Anderson and I spent some time working on Legos. We actually made two different smaller Lego sets today. Plus we made Whitman work on the one that we had found the pieces for him. At one time we had two completely buckets full of grey Legos that needed to find their way back to missing Lego sets-now we just have bucket that is half way full of those grey. We still have a lot of work to do, but we are getting there....slowly.
  • There was lots of playing outside today-Keaton, Graham, Anderson and I played a little game in the sprinkling rain. They kept telling me to stay under the tree so I wouldn't declare it to be raining to hard and make everyone go in. Reagan actually even came out to play with us this afternoon. She continues to oddly make almost every shot that she takes.
  • Robby and I had a short nap right at supper time so our supper ended up being a bit later than usual. It didn't take too long to heat up our frozen pizzas. The boys were the only ones who waited around to eat some of the third pizza. 
  • After supper, people headed outside again until it was pretty dark. Then there were showers along with popcorn and a movie for the fort sleeping people!

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