April 13, 2020

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  • Last night I told Robby that the weekends seem to drag a little bit for me, especially Sundays. I kind of look forward to the weekdays now because I stay busy. Today was no different-I wasn't even able to finish my day's list, and I guess that is a good thing.
  • For some strange reason, Robby and I both slept longer today than we did on Saturday or Sunday. That was fine though because I was still able to get up in time to start our school day. We did our reading-history is starting up with World War II. I just mentioned a specific battle that we read about today, and Robby told me that he had actually seen a movie about it.
  • Whitman is now carrying in math (13 + 28), and he did pretty good at it today. Anderson's math is all kinds of graphing while Reagan has gone back to finding the areas of different shapes. Graham's math is lots of adding and subtracting with letters and numbers. Campbell is working on prime numbers, and Keaton is starting to multiply. Math is pretty much all I have to do with everyone these days, and math continues to be my favorite subject! 
  • It took Whitman a bit too finish school. He was actually still finishing while I was doing my exercise video. One reason that he was later today was because he asked to read two extra books while reading-Of course, I couldn't turn that down. Now, he did do a lot of fooling around as well!
  • The afternoon was spent with Keaton, Campbell and Whitman outside for a little bit. Graham joined them a bit as well. Robby and I did go to Sams. We debated getting gas for the cars, but I still have a full tank. I had to turn my car on today, and gracious that thing didn't want to start again. It did, but we do have to drive it more often. 
  • Our main goal at Sams was croissants and our secondary goal was toilet paper. We did complete our first goal, but left empty handed for toilet paper. There is no need to start a toilet paper go fund me for us just yet. We have quite a stock, but we also have quite a few bottoms in this household. Robby did go ahead and buy some that will arrive next month so maybe we can make it until then! 
  • We did also run into Kroger-we tried to get in and get out like they say that we should, but it is just my favorite place to loiter. We unloaded when we made it home. Then I went to work in the girls' room-we went through their shelves in their room trying to throw away and straighten a few things. We were able to throw away 2 Kroger bags of stuff so that is good. 
  • The boys were able to get their hair trimmed. The clippers are just about to give out, so new clippers will be coming soon as well. Then it was time for our Easter egg dying. This year, Whitman received an egg dyeing kit for his birthday, but it was just to paint the eggs. So I grabbed another one from my stash and it was also for painting the eggs.
  • We may just paint the eggs all of the time because I had no idea how easy it really is! The kids were finished within minutes and there was little to no mess. Of course this may be due to the fact that some kids just had 3 eggs to dye. No one cared though and everyone had a good time.
  • I then made ham and cheese croissants for supper. We ate those and then Reagan and I did her Monday night Bible study on the computer. Afterwards, there was a some downtime before it was finally time to head to bed!

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