April 18, 2020

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  • Robby and I stayed in bed as long as we could this morning. Whitman was the first one in our room and asked for me to pour him some orange juice. When Anderson realized that we were awake, he was quick to remind Robby that he had said something about biscuits last night.
  • Campbell and I made the biscuits. When they were finished, everyone had their breakfasts-at least those who were awake and wanted biscuits had their breakfast. Whitman had already eaten a pop tart, and Keaton opted for waffles, and Reagan was still asleep. Anderson made himself some eggs to go with his biscuits. The new biscuit recipe (3 ingredients) is definitely a success around here.
  • Soon I was folding laundry, and Robby asked if I wanted to go outside. I though he was kidding, but he was not. I had hoped that he was kidding! No, it was a nice day to work in the yard. We raked a pretty good pile of leaves and put them in the burn pile. We only stopped that project because the pile got too big.
  • So Robby started burning, and I went in to make some soup. When the soup was ready, Reagan and I delivered it to the grands. She drove me to Nonna's, then to Grannymom's and then even to the library. Now going to the library was an adventure. She did fine, but I wasn't too comfortable. It was definitely not quarantine traffic-it was regular middle of the week traffic (probably not Saturday traffic). 
  • Reagan decided not to drive home, but when we got close to Lawson she did ask to drive again. That was fine, and she really does good on Lawson. Once we made it home, everyone was still outside. Campbell, Keaton and Whitman spent the entire day outside-they put out hammocks and a picnic blanket. 
  • Those three had lunch outside and even did some painting while outside. They thoroughly enjoyed the day. Around 6, everyone did come inside to eat supper. Campbell and Keaton headed back outside in hopes that the neighbors could come back out.
  • It was soon afterwards that they did and everyone headed back out again. The other night I told Robby that I thought that Reagan was getting pale since she stays inside and in her bed most of the day long. I sure don't think that playing outside from 8-10 tonight will help her paleness. 
  • The kids all came in at 10 and all have to run through the showers before they go to bed and I get my ice cream!

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