April 1, 2020

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  • Not too many Wednesdays do we do school, but today we sure did. Everyone seems to be zooming through school these days. Today, Whitman even had time to take a break before we worked together. He still continues to struggle with spelling-we did do double e words today, and he was able to write 10. Just a few weeks ago, the most I could handle was him trying to write 5 words a day so we are definitely improving. In just a day or two, he will be the only Dennie still working on this year's spelling book, so there will be more time for him to practice.
  • After lunch, I did sneak off to work on my school room closet. I should be able to finish it tomorrow. Also there was some work on the girls' closet. That should also be finished tomorrow-hopefully. Though we will have some birthday celebrating to do during the day.
  • There was lots of celebration when Campbell and Keaton finished our 1,000 piece puzzle today. They have been really the only ones who have helped me work the puzzle so I was glad that they stuck with it to finish it. It probably helped that they finished their school work for today and tomorrow last night.
  • I believe that our trampoline is getting the most work out of anyone or anything in this house. There was one drama session out there-Graham pushed Whitman possibly accidentally. His knee then hit Campbell's eye which just might be black in the morning. Campbell got upset and someone said that it was Whitman's fault which caused him to tell everyone that he doesn't like them. This caused Keaton to start crying as Whitman stormed off. Oh the drama. 
  • Everyone finally calmed down and even returned to the trampoline later in the day for some type of wrestle mania. I did encourage them to stop that because I don't think that this is the time to go to the emergency room.
  • Reagan's girl group had a Bible study tonight-I was in charge of playing the video on zoom so that was a bit stressful! Ha! I managed and everyone heard it so I was surely relieved. There was also Reagan and Anderson's youth group meeting tonight on facebook so even though things have slowed tremendously, they still seem so busy!
  • We had delivered toilet paper to someone the other day and today they delivered cookies to us. The cookies were really good so that was a fun treat and a fun dessert for us tonight. As always people stayed up too late and left me with too much laundry! Laundry and dishes still don't stop even in a quarantine.

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