April 16, 2020

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  • Once again it was another pretty great day around here. The normal kiddos that are always finished with their work early were not finished early at all today. That meant that I had a bit of downtime earlier in the morning-I did my laundry, my Bible study and my little bit of weights before I did most of the school work.
  • The boys still have their xbox downstairs in our bedroom, but Anderson wasn't finished until nearly noon. So when he did finish his work, Whitman, the only one still working, and I moved to the hallway.
  • Bless Whitman, he still had about 4 pages of work to do after lunch. I did just kind of cave in and let him watch a video and then complete a page of work. That actually worked incredibly well and that boy flew through his work. Maybe he needs video bribes all day long every day.
  • Robby ran some errands this afternoon-there was no toilet paper nor flour! We still have plenty of both but I like to have lots and lots of extras! I did some treadmill time this afternoon along with some Lego time.
  • The kids again spent a lot of time out side today. The weather was just perfect. After our supper, we all headed out for a little bit. Whitman rode his bike and played baseball. Anderson and Graham played some basketball with Robby and I. Campbell and Keaton rode their bikes and talked to the neighbors. 
  • I had to come in early for a call with my Bible study group. We went through our questions and I realized that I am a week or two ahead on my Bible study-whoop! whoop! Our call went a bit long so I finished just in time to watch one last show with the kids before it was bedtime.

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