April 4, 2020

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  • Robby and I were not productive today at all. We did watch a documentary last night until late in the night. Then we decided to finish our tv watching this morning so we did little this morning. Pops even called me near lunch and asked if I was still in bed. I was, but I was dressed and ready for the day. I even put on real clothes today and not my "day pajamas" as I usually wear.
  • Whitman was the first one awake this morning so he did what he does when downstairs is empty-climb in our bed. He laid very still for a long time until he couldn't be still any longer. It was 7:30ish so I found him some breakfast and helped him get his spot by the heater.
  • Soon everyone else was awake and moving in the house. I was able to fold some laundry as we watched tv. But just as soon as it was breakfast, it was soon lunch time. The kids all found their lunches.
  • After that, I did run to the Terry library. A few libraries now have porch pick up, so I emailed them my requests early this morning, and they were ready today. My intent was for Reagan to drive the whole way there (which would have been a long way for her), but instead she just drove all the way down Lawson. She was pretty adamant that she was done when we made it down that road and even asked me a few times, "how long is this road?" She did great though, and I was thrilled to get a few books-makes life seem a bit like normal.
  • Keaton had a zoom call this afternoon, and Campbell was on the phone for a bit with her friends. Soon it was evening again, and Robby grilled burgers for supper. Half of us had burgers while the other half ate nuggets. Robby did make fries in the air fryer, and the first batch was perfectly crisp.
  • Robby watched the Grand Ole Opry on tv, and I worked on some school stuff. Then we all settled in the living room to watch a Bates along with a few church videos that we were behind in. Then it was soon time for bed for the crew!

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