June 16, 2020

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  • I said that yesterday was a perfectly lazy summer day. Today wasn't at all like that. I did enjoy the day, but I do think that I prefer a few more days like yesterday.
  • Robby was gone way before 8 this morning for a doctor's appointment. He probably doesn't have a torn rotator cuff but possibly has an inflammed shoulder along with some carpel tunnel. He was given a steroid pack along with a brace for his wrist. Hopefully that will all be the key, and he will feel better soon.
  • We left the house fairly early for church. Reagan drove us there and did very well. She helped work today during the Terrific Tuesday. Whitman through Graham all enjoyed Amazing Race type games during the two hours that we were at church. Anderson toyed with the idea of helping this time, but he just didn't want to wear a mask. I definitely get that!
  • We stopped at the library on the way home to pick up some books. We also again picked up lunch-this time is was chicken sandwiches and bowls of cereal for breakfast. No one is passing up free food in this house.
  • We were home for a little bit-long enough to eat, then it was time to leave again for the pool. The boys stayed home since the neighbor boy was coming out to play. Keaton was mad at me the entire way because I didn't let her stay at home. 
  • Everyone, including Keaton, had fun at the pool. They played hard the whole two hours, and Whitman was even bummed about having to leave. And today we did have to leave since they were at capacity. Two hours is perfectly fine with me so I happily pack up after 2 hours each time.
  • Once we were back at home, the kids played with the neighbors while Robby and I spent the evening building some more shelves for the shed. He hasn't really slowed down, but he did wear his brace at least. 
  • The shelves are great-and I did my best to fill them up with camping stuff out of my attic. Ahh, my house is breathing a sigh of relief getting so many things out of it. (I would actually like to roll up a lot of carpet and take it out as well, but the next things that are leaving is another box or two to the Goodwill.)
  • We worked until late and the kids played outside until late as well. It was almost 11 when I finally finished tucking everyone in. Ice cream is next because shelf building days deserve ice cream-actually, all days deserve ice cream!

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